A clear and sober view of retail’s transformation at PB’s (R)Evolution

Transformation has been a recurring topic this spring among speakers at retail technology conferences. It is not uncommon to hear transformation out of one side of their mouth and disruption out of the other. Pitney Bowes’ CEO Marc Lautenbach offered one of the better perspectives on transformation in late April at his company’s inaugural (R)Evolution […]

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Smarter International Shipping Powering High Velocity Global Ecommerce Growth

In our Leaders section, the GELF team interviews Anthony Khedaywi, CEO of Indestructible Dog and one of the panelists from GELF LA ’16.  Anthony also participated in the Q3 ’16 GELF Research Study and is quoted in the resulting white paper, Ready to Deliver More Authentic Cross-Border Shopping Experiences? Start with Smarter International Shipping! We encourage […]

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International Marketplaces Accelerate Evolution of Global Trade Flows

The GELF team recently talked to Chad about global cross-border and “US-inbound” ecommerce opportunities and challenges. In the first of an ongoing series profiling leaders in global ecommerce, GELF Co-founder Kent Allen interviews Chad Epling, CEO of NYC-based Mamenta. Mamenta is a cross-border ecommerce company enabling brands and shoppers to shop seamlessly across the globe. Chad, […]

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