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  • Early International Ecommerce Benchmark Findings from the 2018 Internet Retailer/GELF Survey

    Retailers love to play follow the leader. In the US, Amazon is clearly the retail leader. In a growing number of global markets, Amazon is a force to be reckoned with. Consider the growth of Amazon’s Global Selling program, which enables sellers to...

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  • Looking Beyond Tmall for China 2.0 Ecommerce Growth

    A market that really matters requires more than one major player. No surprise then that China 2.0 ecommerce strategies now expand beyond Alibaba and Tmall to include, WeChat, and retail brands’ own D2C sites. Single’s Day Boom Unde...

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  • US Brands Double Down on Singles Day 2017

    Great article by Internet Retailer about how US retail brands got ready for Singles Day this year. Why all the fuss about Singles’s Day? According to IR, sales on Nov. 11 last year hit $17.8 billion for Alibaba’s online marketplace Tmall. Th...

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  • Scaling on Tmall and Beyond: How Online Retailers and Brands Are Winning in China

    Global ecommerce leaders are winning in China by revisiting their early “hands-off” strategies in favor of a more direct approach that includes a growing number of key players. Instead of just prioritizing growing sales, winners are stepping back...

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  • Cross-Border Panel Highlights Ecommerce Community’s Rocking Spring

    Now that a busy spring commerce conference season has come to an end, it is time to take stock of the lessons learned at some of the top stops for the Ecommerce community; gatherings which included GELF NYC ’17, Shoptalk, PB’s (R)Evolut...

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  • Russia Stirs as Ecommerce Players Make Major Moves

    Although geopolitical headwinds continue to slow the growth of Russia’s cross-border ecommerce, there has been good news...

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    A clear and sober view of retail’s transformation at PB’s (R)Evolution

    Transformation has been a recurring topic this spring among speakers at retail technology conferences. It is not uncommon to hear transformation out of one side of their mouth and disruption out of the other. Pitney Bowes’ CEO Marc Lautenbach offered one of the better perspectives on transformation in late April at his company’s inaugural (R)Ev...

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  • The “3.0 Digital Trade Era” Dawns as China Ecommerce Grows

    Interesting take on the role of China ecommerce growth in the evolution of global trade in this article by On Monday, economies related to the Belt and Road Vision jointly issued a digital economy international cooperation initiative during ...

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  • NY Times on Swamp Monsters, Super Apps and WeChat

    GELF’s China research study found that WeChat is the top focus among retail brands exploring their next platform initiative in China. If you’re interested in learning more about how the future of retail is lurking beneath the depths of W...

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  • A Bio-logical Take of the Future of Cross-Border Trade

    As we start preparing for The Sept 7th GELF NYC ’17, we’re following up on some areas of interest expressed by the audience on Feb 9th at GELF NYC ’17. One topic many in the audience asked us to add to the late summer GELF ’17...

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  • GELF LA ’16: International Shipping Powering Cross-Border Growth

    Recent GELF research unveiled at GELF LA ’16 confirms that international shipping remains the top cross-border eco...

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