NYC 23 Podcast: Mastering the Video Commerce Learning Curve with What Comes Around Goes Around

In this episode, the Global Ecommerce Leaders Podcast welcomes back Sophie Abramson, president of Americas for Bambuser who is joined by Julian Rivera, Senior Vice President of Direct-to-Consumer with What Goes Around Comes Around.

Sophie and Julian had closed the morning program at GELF NYC ’23 with a fantastic fireside chat that included a live video tour of the studio at What Goes Around Comes Around hosted by the dynamic Mason Howell.

Sophie opened the Customer Engagement Showcase at GELF NYC ’23 with useful data and insights that framed the discussion about how social video commerce helps Bambuser’s clients scale engagement and boost conversion. Check out the video recap of the fireside session to learn how rewarding loyal customers with exclusive and engaging video helps brands avoid the costs of reacquiring customers while reducing online returns.

Our podcast host Michael LeBlanc took advantage of a break in his busy schedule to visit Julian’s store in Soho recently and was super impressed by the in-store atmosphere and and live streaming studio.

The majority of Julian’s businesses is domestic but they will be showcasing their international capabilities in the months ahead on both the What Goes Around Comes Around ecommerce site and via live commerce through their partnership with Bambuser.

Highlights of the podcast? Learnings?

Julian shares how video commerce got on his team’s radar. Like others, they saw that live commerce was really big internationally – and then along came COVID. The pandemic accelerated video into the homes of, well just about every consumer in the world. He explains how the team dove into the research phase of their due diligence by watching a ton of content and ended up figuring out what worked best for the high end luxury reseller’s brand.

One key was being able to figure out how to “put the brand voice out there” and ensure that their brand voice was always in sync with the fashion house itself. Being aesthetically pleasing was super important and video commerce was a natural match for the brand. So the team ended up turning to the crew at Bambuser to make it happen.

Another key takeaway was that jumping into video commerce meant navigating a huge learning curve. Julian explains how his team had to lean heavily on the Bambuser and the wisdom of taking advantage of a wide range of resources from Bambuser.

Julian also shares how when you’re new to live commerce you need to be ready to wrap your mind around 1) how to approach hosting, 2) how to figure out how long your live commerce videos should be, 3) what the best topics are to discuss and, most importantly, 4) what makes sense for your business -and your brand.

And because production sets can be notoriously expensive to set-up and run, make sure you ask a lot of questions – and don’t be shy about seeking advice from other clients of Bambuser. Have a listen to the podcast and learn for yourself how Julian and the What Goes Around Comes Around team achieved their amazing success to date after only launching in April – and how to ride the learning curve when what comes around goes around!

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