2020 GELF China Ecommerce Study

The 2020 GELF China Ecommerce Study combines qualitative insights from senior ecommerce leaders with on-the-ground quantitative research targeting Chinese consumers from our research partner Sunrise. This Executive Summary of the 2020 GELF China Ecommerce Study focuses on topline findings from interviews with senior ecommerce leaders based in the US. Download for free here – Exec […]

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Global E-Commerce Tech Talk (GETT) Podcast Episodes

This spring the Global Ecommerce Leaders Forum (GELF) has launched GELF’s TechTalks, a series of programming that includes podcasts and webcasts/webinars. Check out our podcast – Global E-Commerce Tech Talks (GETT). If you’re a global ecommerce leader at a direct-to-consumer (DTC) retail brand, don’t be shy about reaching out and getting involved with TechTalks! Email us at

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GELF/NRF 2019 Study: Digital Disrupting Global Retail Wholesale Distribution

Download for free here The Global Economic Leaders Forum (GELF) and the National Retail Federation partnered on this inaugural study, “Transforming International Retail Distribution: Global Ecommerce’s Latest Wave of Disruption,” to understand the evolving nature of global ecommerce and the opportunities and challenges it poses for brands, gloabl distributors and retailers today. Digital commerce is significantly […]

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China Ecommerce Study 2017

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  • Catching the China Ecommerce Wave

    Thank you for your interest in the 2017 China Ecommerce Study sponsored by WorldPay. Please complete the form and you’ll immediately be directed to a page where you can download the report.

    Our Chinese ecommerce research originated when the GELF community challenged itself to look beyond the dizzying online sales and growth stats that often consume the discussion about China. Leaders in our community want to better understand what is working – and isn’t working – in China. Equally important, they wanted to know what other ecommerce leaders were and were not doing in China – and why.

    Our study provides benchmarking data collected from over 60 executives active in the GELF community. Central to the report are 10 challenges U.S. brands face when conducting online sales in China. The report also includes quotes and insights from ecommerce leaders who shared their perspectives on what works and what doesn’t in China. We look forward to continuing this conversation in the coming years.

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Perry Ellis’ LATAM E-Commerce Journey

At the Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum (GELF) in February 2016, GELF friend Jose Nino, VP of E-Commerce at Perry Ellis, delivered one of the most popular sessions of the conference. His presentation, titled, “Lessons Learned from our LATAM Journey” was just that. He goes into detail on Perry Ellis’ due diligence, market launch and optimization […]

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A Simple Tool For Estimating Global E-Commerce Demand

An experienced global e-commerce executive from the Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum (GELF) community generously shared a list of zip codes that represent online orders being shipped to international destinations by freight forwarders and distributors. For example, orders to 32830, in Orlando, FL, are likely to be forwarded to Argentina. We’d like to make this list […]

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New GELF Study Available NOW – Download White Paper on Smarter International Shipping!

Want to learn more about how to boost conversion and sales by improving the cross-border ecommerce experience? Start with smarter international shipping. The GELF Research Program for 2016 has included a series of studies exploring the key drivers for improving cross-border (XB) shopping experiences. Our focus in ‘16 as been on how leaders have been prioritizing […]

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E-commerce in the Nordics 2015

Eight years ago when the GELF team was researching its first International Ecommerce Expansion study, there were numerous skeptics about the cross-border sales potential of many smaller countries; namely Australia. “Ahh, 20M people isn’t really worth the effort” was one response. Well, as Australia quickly emerged as one of the top global destinations for products […]

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How Consumers Across the Globe Use Multiple Devices to Shop and Buy

Ever wonder how online shoppers in Australia, the US and the UK differ when it comes to using devices to order product online from domestic sellers and/or cross-border? Australians have the highest rate of smartphone ownership, but that hasn’t translated to widespread use of the device for online purchasing. On the other hand, the US embraces […]

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Ecommerce Without Borders – UPS and Internet Retailer

Check out the latest study from UPS – this time produced in conjunction with the team over at Internet Retailer. What’s the key takeaway? Merchants who localize their online stores with language translation, currency conversion, duty and tax displayed at checkout, and offer international payment options stand to capitalize on the rise of cross-border e-commerce. There is a […]

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