Ana Luisa at GELF NYC ’23: Bringing Cross-Border Back Home

GELF NYC 23’s morning sessions spoke to a range of hybrid international expansion strategies. GELF co-founders Jim Okamura and Kent Allen updated the GELF International Expansion Framework to highlight the maturity curves of the different strategies – check out the short video recap here.

In How Data Agility is Driving International DTC Expansion: Ana Luisa’s Cross-Border Ecommerce Journey, David Benayoun, Co-founder & CEO at Ana Luisa and Matthew Merrilees, Global-e’s N. America CEO, discussed how deftly managing first-party data allows brands to localize operations, set optimal international pricing strategies for each market, accelerate growth profitably and maintain desired profit margins.

David and Matt had a great fireside conversation – and thanks (as always) to the Global-e team for sharing key industry trends and data insights gleaned from across their impressive client base. When it comes to growth rates, our southern neighbor Mexico continues to lead the pack!

One key take away was that David’s team has decided to bring their cross-border ecommerce operations back to the US. They have pulled back from some of their in-country investments, especially in Europe. Today they are primarily fulfilling international demand from their US distribution centers, which is the tried-and-true cross border model.

Spend some time with this video recap; Matt shares lots of good data – and the story of Ana Luisa’s international ecommerce journey provides many helpful insights.

Even though the cross-border DTC space is evolving, no one strategy is right for every brand. The best international ecommerce expansion strategy for your company depends on variable factors and market dynamics including product category, target customer, maturity of the destination market and the size and weight of the products you’re shipping internationally.

Lean on your cross-border partners for advice and follow the data. Thanks Matt and David!

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