Taking Measure of Influencer Marketing

in February, GELF LA ’23 welcomed back Nisha Oza, who was one of the earliest influencers to take the stage at GELF – back when the world of ecommerce was just learning about about how Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in Asia would build a marketing foundation upon which social influencers would rise.

Nisha joins the Global Ecommerce Leaders Podcast and delivers a social media and influencer management masterclass from a self-proclaimed “Fashion Girly” perspective. Now expanding her expertise beyond fashion and into wellness and better living as the Head of PR & Partnerships at KOS, a plant based nutrition brand, Nisha breaks down the tradecraft of influencer marketing – and shares the passion she brings to her craft.

Check out the podcast – thanks to our podcast host Michael LeBlanc and to Nisha for sharing their insights.

Nisha discussed how during COVID she started prioritizing her health and her diet. Nisha wasn’t the only one. In fact, the GELF team recently met with Tony Shan of Tmall Global to discuss the huge uptick in demand among Chinese consumers for healthy food and nutritional supplements that support a health lifestyle.

Nisha also shares how brands can scale influencer marketing and explores what success in influencer marketing or in PR really means in today’s marketplace. Both are notoriously hard to quantify so establishing measurable benchmarks is often Job #1.

Nisha talks us through the math of influencer marketing so definitely have a listen to the podcast.

And if you’d like to hear more about developing, managing and measuring influencer marketing, head over to the GELF YouTube Channel for a video recap of the GELF LA ’23 session where Nisha joined NJ Falk of APL and Liz Kennedy of Beauty Magnet for GELF’s Global Marketing Showcase: Scaling Direct Connections and Conversations. Great stuff ….

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