ESW’s Holiday Consumer Survey 2023

ESW’s Holiday Consumer Survey 2023 found that shoppers will
brush off the economic uncertainties and open their wallets for the 2023
holiday season – doling out on average $762. Over half will spend more online
and almost everyone (90%) will shop online.

Download the insights here: ESW_Holiday_Consumer_Survey_2023

Inflation will have an impact; 71% of shoppers will experience the negative
impact of higher prices. Over half (52%) of shoppers have a pessimistic outlook
for their budget this year.

TikTok will help holiday shoppers count down the days until Christmas and
all the other wonderful days of giving this holiday season. Inspiration!

What are you seeing from your customers as we head deeper into the

If you’re noticing any unique trends and/or have any cross-border insights
to share, let us know! We will include your POVs in the GELF LA ’24 program –
feel free to email the GELF team at and we will be in

Thursday February 22nd will be here before you know it so register now for GELF
LA ’24
in West Hollywood. See you in February!


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