“Relationships Matter” – Live from GELF NYC ’22 with Brian Bourke, Global Chief Commercial Officer at SEKO Logistics

Long-term GELF collaborator and all-round good guy Brian Bourke looks back at SEKO’s evolution from moving “the big and bulky” to shipping ecommerce parcels to markets all over the world. Hear why B2B and B2C international shipping are converging – and why it matters.

Check out the great back-n-forth between Michael LeBlanc, podcast host for The Global E-Commerce Leaders Podcast and Brian about why building great relationships matter – and how relationship-building has changed since the pandemic. One big lesson the SEKO team learned was that a client could be onboarded without the teams ever meeting face-to-face.

Learn more about how SEKO is building more agility into their global operations and what else they learned during the 2020-2021 pandemic “When every day was like dealing with Peak!” Join Brian and Michael as they explore the tradeoffs between business agility and being driven by traditional processes. Thanks guys!

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