Retail Leaders and Avalara’s Patrick Firth on Reducing Friction throughout the Global Ecommerce Value Chain

At past GELF events, global retail leaders have discussed reducing friction in and around international checkout. At GELF NYC ’22, our morning breakout panel discussed how brands are identifying and reducing points of friction upstream in the supply chain and throughout their downstream distribution channels.

Why the broader focus? Scrutiny about the holistic impact of a brand’s goods and services on the environment is growing as consumers, especially Millennials and GenZ shoppers, demand more data and transparency. A product’s country of origin, labor practices across multiple tiers of suppliers and the use of materials (such as conflict minerals) in product lifecycles are some of the value chain dynamics that can influence purchase behaviors among an increasingly environmentally aware consumer base.

The session tackled a range of tactics for complying with existing and emerging international trade regulations that increasingly target global DTC practices. Have a listen to the video recap at the GELF YouTube Channel here as our panel discusses how to eliminate emerging supply chain and cross-border ecommerce friction that can reduce checkout conversion and negatively impact brand perception.

Thanks to Avalara’s Patrick Firth, ecommerce globetrotter and a favorite GELF speaker for sitting down with Global Ecommerce Leaders Podcast host Michael LeBlanc to recap the session. Check out the podcast here and hear Patrick’s take on Two Starts and One Stop for global ecommerce leaders!

Patrick and the Avalara team will be joining the West Coast GELF community at our next gathering in West Hollywood on February 22nd 2023! Executives at retailers and DTC brands can apply for a complimentary retailer-only VIP pass here. See you in February!

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