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GELF LA ’23 was a success – it was great to see the West Coast GELF community one again! Registration is now open for GELF NYC ’23 on October 12th 2023 – Executive at retailers and DTC brands can register at the event site here – thanks!

The global DTC and cross-border ecommerce community is back – and ready to put a couple of crazy years behind us! The Global Ecommerce Leaders Forum (GELF) Community got together last April at the DGA for GELF LA ’22 – and now we are looking forward to getting back together again at our normal time in February for the first time since GELF LA 2020. So please make plans now to join us in West Hollywood!

We heard you loud and clear at both GELF LA ’22 and GELF NYC ’22 – your international ecommerce expansion planning is back online. GELF LA 2023 will be the place to gather and enjoy what we all love – networking, learning and sharing with industry colleagues and making new friends and connections!

GELF LA launched in 2015 and is now a yearly traditional for the West-of-the-Rockies executives in the GELF community.  We return to Los Angeles at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) for another full day of global direct-to-consumer (DTC) and cross-border ecommerce.

Prior to the pandemic, GELF LA 2020 was our biggest West Coast event ever – and we are looking forward to making 2023 our most successful forum yet.

The community is working hard to develop an all new February program exploring the current state of global DTC commerce and why cross-border ecommerce is more important to a retail brand’s overall growth strategy than ever before.  Join us as we examine how global ecommerce leaders have bounced back from the pandemic stronger than ever and why digital commerce continues to disrupt retail distribution globally.

GELF LA 2023 will bring together leaders from retailers and brands selling through established and emerging DTC channels in markets around the world. We will explore how retail brands that serve global shoppers via traditional wholesale distributors are working with these legacy retail partners to transform how they collectively serve consumers around the world.

Leaders from global consumer brands will join executives from digital-native and digital-first brands from the fashion and apparel world, health and beauty, consumer electronics and other leading verticals for a full day of education and sharing. Digital commerce innovators, cross-border ecommerce experts and global omnichannel thought leaders will debate what’s next for international retail expansion and where leaders’ priorities lie.

Join the fast-growing GELF community as we learn together, meet new friends and network throughout the day at the Director’s Guild of America Theater, 7920 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046!

If you haven’t joined us at a GELF event before, but have heard about how great our speakers are – check out our GELF YouTube Channel where you will find dozens of deep dives into Global DTC and cross-border ecommerce program topics.  Enjoy a wide range of video recordings of recent GELF Sessions in Los Angeles and New York City here  … and while you’re at it, check out our Global Ecommerce Leaders Podcast Series here

Are you a retail ecommerce leader interested in speaking at GELF LA 2023? If so please contact speak@globalecommerce.co

GELF is a retailer-only, sponsor-only event. If you are a global ecommerce solution or service provider, we’d love for you to join the GELF community.  Please let us know more about your interest in sponsoring/attending GELF by contacting sponsor@globalecommerce.co 

The program theme for GELF LA 2023 is Scaling Customer Engagement Globally. As always, GELF speakers will deliver an energetic and engaging combination of global ecommerce strategy and cross-border tactics and best practices. In addition to the session topics summarized below, GELF offers other ways to learn and share including:

  • One-to-One@GELF LA 2023 meetings will provide attendees with the opportunity to connect directly with global ecommerce experts to discuss how best to tackle their most pressing cross-border and global ecommerce challenges.


  • Looking for curated networking opportunities so you can learn from experts and industry peers? Executive Meetups @GELF LA 2023 are back this year! The GELF team will connect peers and experts that want to share pressing concerns, discuss best practices, ask burning questions and learn more about what it takes to succeed in today’s dynamic world of global trade.

GELF succeeds when the community steps up and helps drive the conversation.  When you register, please let us know what topics you’d like to include in the program.

You can count on the following topics being part of the show:

  • Re-Prioritizing Market Entry. Whether you’re pursuing market opportunities in proven Tier 1 markets like Canada, the UK and Australia, ramping back up in Greater China, re-examining SE Asia or appraising whether Mexico or the Middle East should be your “next big bet”, GELF LA ’23 is for you. If you’re looking to accelerate sales in maturing markets in Europe and/or testing emerging markets in LATAM, GELF has you covered there too. Rest assured that the GELF community will help you connect with leaders that have been there and done that.


  • Going Direct-to-Consumer on a Global Scale. Direct-to-consumer brands of all shapes and sizes are coming to GELF to learn how to balance traditional wholesale/B2B retail distribution with emerging direct-to-consumer ecommerce opportunities around the world. One of the hottest topics at GELF recently has been understanding what to look for in your next-gen global distribution partners while helping existing wholesale partners grow ecommerce sales and tell your brand’s story.


  • Getting Closer to Global Shoppers. Cross-border is no longer just about shipping from your US distribution centers to customers around the world. As expectations rise globally for fast delivery at an attractive price, the “post-order shopping experience” bar is once again being raised.  At the same time, growing regulatory scrutiny is generating more and more cross-border friction. Learn why retail brands and ecommerce entrepreneurs are investing in hybrid fulfillment operations, drop shipping and local delivery from retail store partners to service their global consumers.


  • Localized Operations Meet Sustainable Global DTC Strategies. The more global we go, the more local we must become. And we have to grow in a more sustainable manner that respects the planet’s people and places. Learn how sustainable practices can work alongside the “g-localization” of global ecommerce operations to boost conversion at international checkout while improving the overall shopping experience.  Hear why embracing the ethos of a circular economy can help your team and your operational partners exceed consumer expectations.


  • Creators, Social Connectors and Influencers are redefining how the global shopper discovers new brands and innovative products and services – and how retail ecommerce brands acquire new customers. In LA, you’ll learn how brands are working with platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Bambuser to connect creators and emerging micro-influencers with the rising global middle class. Share your thoughts on social platforms, whether celebrity influencers have peaked, where to find the most authentic influencer voices and how hot trends like TikTok, live streaming and live selling can drive your next phase of social commerce growth.


  • The Rise of Global Ecommerce Ecosystems.  As niche social commerce communities challenge established international marketplace platforms, we see an exciting future of interconnected global ecommerce ecosystems emerging. The simple truth is that digital engagement with global shoppers matters more than ever – and can require more channel and distribution partners (and smarter best practices) than ever before!


  • Building and Managing Digital/Omnichannel Teams Globally. Having “boots on the ground” in key international markets has long been a priority for global ecommerce leaders. But integrating these valuable team members presents challenges. We will discuss how building and managing digital teams in the post-pandemic era is changing – and how leaders need to re-imagine the future of the global workplace


  • Ensuring a Brand’s Voice is Authentic and Relevant to Shoppers in Different Cultures. Localizing a brand’s message and ensuring that a brand speaks appropriately to shoppers in different geographies and respects their culture offers exciting opportunities and challenges.  Hear how global ecommerce leaders that sell through international wholesale partners and other non-owned channels are innovating to make sure their brand voice is authentic and on-message. 


  • Evolving Cross-Border Platforms. Looking for a one-stop spot to shop for global DTC and cross-border ecommerce solution partners? There is a booming international ecosystem of cloud commerce solutions, commerce agencies and best-of-breed software providers boldly leading global ecommerce brands, experienced omnichannel retailers and start-up commerce ventures into new global markets. Meet them at GELF LA 2023!

GELF combines keynote firesides, breakout sessions and deep-dive workshops throughout the morning & afternoon. Our program offers retail professionals strategic insights and actionable takeaways about how ecommerce leaders are tackling their top Global DTC and cross-border ecommerce challenges – and how they are successfully making the case for investing in global retail growth.

Networking starts during breakfast, extends into lunch and wraps up during our late afternoon reception. We’re working hard to align the program with what the GELF community wants, so raise your hand and get involved with our One-to-One@GELF LA meetings and our new Executive Meetups@ GELF 2023

Bring your experiences and questions. Leave with insights and answers.

Look Who's Active on the GELF LA Community!

Thanks to all the global DTC and retail brands below that attended GELF LA 2022. Stay tuned as global ecommerce leaders register for GELF LA 2023 and we update the global ecommerce leaders that register!


We are excited to produce an all-new program for GELF LA 2023. If you are curious about topics covered at GELF events, you can also check out past GELF programming at bit.ly/GELFYOUTUBECHANNEL

We like to think of GELF as an ongoing conversation and we always welcome your ideas and insights. If you are a retail or DTC brand executive interested in sharing your experiences, please always feel free to contact us at speak@globalecommerce.co

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  • Breakfast and Morning Executive Meetups
  • Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Morning Keynote Firesides & Panels
  • Morning Break
  • Concurrent Morning Breakout Sessions & Workshops
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Keynote Firesides & Panels
  • Afternoon Showcase Sessions, Workshops & Peer Discussion Groups/Executive Meetups
  • GELF Networking Reception
9 to 10AM
Breakfast, Networking & Morning Executive Meetups

The GELF community has spoken and we’re listening. Our Executive Meetups roundtables launched in 2020 and GELF’s structured group discussions are back for 2022!

Grab a coffee, danish and yogurt and kick off GELF LA ’23 by joining a conversation with global ecommerce executives with common interests who are facing similar challenges.  Based on community feedback gathered @GELF LA 2022 registration, we are developing an opportunity for you to talk shop with other execs whose global ecommerce operations – and/or aspirations – are at a similar state of maturity.

Each small group discussion will be facilitated by a global ecommerce leader(s). Stay tuned for our topics – and don’t be shy about letting us know what you’d like to discuss when you register!

Welcome and Opening Remarks

The GELF co-founders welcome back our West Coast audience and thank our speakers and sponsors!

The theme of the GELF LA ‘23 program is Scaling Customer Engagement Globally.  We open the program by exploring how key global DTC and cross-border ecommerce trends frame the day’s program.  We share market data that highlights the key drivers of retail ecommerce growth in markets around the world.


10:05 to 10:40AM
Executive Leaders Keynote Panel: Scaling Global Distribution via DTC, Owned and Non-owned Channels

Global channel conundrums, fears about perceived disintermediation and conversations about who can sell what, where and how in international markets remain hot topics among the GELF community.

Some of our best sessions at past GELF LA events have featured global ecommerce leaders debating the rise of DTC, the role of international marketplaces and the need to transform international wholesale operations to best serve global shoppers that are increasingly embracing digital commerce at home and abroad.

Today’s push for profitable growth addes complexity to international expansion planning.  Reaching the end consumer in different international markets requires aligning owned channels such as DTC & cross-border ecommerce with non-owned channels including marketplaces and social commerce.  Digital leaders are increasingly tasked with helping large, branded wholesale retail distribution partners, smaller independent merchants and sellers and/or franchisees of different shapes and sizes serve global shoppers who shop across channels. Some leaders manage a different distribution mix in each country.

Our panelists discuss how they are navigating different international growth challenges and the different models/channels through which they drive retail ecommerce growth internationally. We discuss why rights & “borders and boundaries” still aren’t always clear in global markets.

Hear how the pandemic further exasperated an already complex landscape where digital/ecommerce rights have not always been clear. Learn what is takes to align global channels (& partners) with overall business goals so that everyone is rowing in the same direction!


  • Stephanie Hinze, Senior Director International at MANSCAPED
  • Karen Deveny, AVP, Digital Strategy & Operations, Bath & Body Works International
  • Alex Root, Senior Vice President & General Manager International, Stance, Inc.
10:40 to 11:10AM
Keynote Fireside: Utilizing Cross-border Ecommerce Innovation to Navigate Global Market Changes

The GELF community welcomes back global ecommerce leader Michael Relich, long-time GELF supporter and co-CEO of Pacific Sunwear (Pacsun).

The iconic California-based brand grossed over $700 million in sales last year, with Gen Z shoppers from around the world accounting for 85% of their revenue.

Pacsun’s market leadership has been driven, in part, by innovative social media campaigns featuring celebrity collaborators, TikTok & Instagram stars, and trendy influencers that embrace and celebrate youth and pop culture among shoppers worldwide.

Since the pandemic, Pacsun has innovated heavily on the digital side of the business to boost its ecommerce penetration and expand its online customer base at home and abroad. The brand has implemented a sophisticated data-driven cross-border setup to navigate global market dynamics, and ensure they quickly respond to changes in consumer demand and behavior.

GELF’s morning keynote fireside dives into how Pacsun works with Global-e to leverage traffic from their successful campaigns. We discuss how streamlining Pacsun’s global site operations and logistics enables the brand to deliver an engaging customer experience and seamless buying journey to increase conversion rates and sales.

Join us to learn how leading DTC brands and multi-portfolio businesses like Pacsun can capitalize on cross-border ecommerce opportunities and stay up-to-date with the evolving global ecommerce landscape by implementing an agile international strategy and utilizing advanced localization technology and BI-based best practices.


  • Michael Relich, Co-CEO, Pacsun
  • Matthew Merrilees:  CEO, North America, Global-e
11:10 to 11:40AM
Recession Proofing Your E-commerce By Fostering Consumer Loyalty With Video Commerce

Rewarding loyal customers, avoiding the costs of reacquiring customers, and preventing product returns are smart ways to maintain profitable operations when facing economic headwinds.

Our final morning keynote explores how global brands are embracing video engagement strategies to cost-effectively connect with international shoppers. We will feature new findings from Coresight Research and Bambuser as we explore how consumer behaviors are changing retail, how retailers will have to adapt to stay relevant, and how video commerce will be one of the key elements in that strategy.

Learn how global e-commerce leaders are doubling basket size, building loyalty, and retaining existing shoppers as the costs of customer acquisition increase exponentially. See how European leaders are testing omnichannel strategies featuring in-store video studios designed to allow retail associates to scale customer interactions and generate ecommerce revenues via live shopping.

The session will include a complimentary 2023 Livestreaming E-commerce Trends report for all attendees.


  • Caroline Nuckolls, Head of Sales – North America, Bambuser
  • Catherine Seaton, Vice President of Marketing, Windsor
11:45 to 12:15PM
Global Leadership Showcase: Building and Leading Digital Teams of the Future

GELF’s Global Leadership Showcase featuring three innovative companies from different product categories – home, fashion/denim and health/wellness – at different stages of growth.

Global leaders from True Religion, Ettitude and MaryRuth Organics share insights about how they are scaling their DTC and B2B ecommerce operations by building domestic and international teams to lead their next phase of global growth.

We discuss how globally dispersed teams are redefining the “office” of the future. Hear how our panelists are embracing inclusive recruitment (and retention) practices as they identify and connect with the leaders best positioned to take their brands into a new era of global growth.

Our panelists also discuss how to counter the false narrative that global expansion is too complex and will share successful growth hacks for taking your digital operations to the next level internationally.  Join us to learn how building and managing the teams of today can help companies establish a foundation for growth of tomorrow’s global ecommerce leaders.


  • Theresa Watts, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, True Religion
  • Michael Mancina, Sr. Director, Ettitude
  • David Ghiyam, President, MaryRuth Organics


11:45 to 12:15PM
Global Marketing Showcase: Scaling Direct Connections and Conversations

The Post-Pandemic Consumer is more knowledgeable, polarized and opinionated than ever before. Conversing and connecting effectively with these shoppers requires timely, direct and authentic communications.

GELF’s Global Marketing Strategy Showcase explores how today’s ecommerce leaders plan, localize and execute personalized marketing campaigns at home and abroad. Our panel features three influencers who share how brands and their leaders can engage and convert cross-border customers into loyal brand advocates – while also projecting their distinct brand voice into international markets.

Learn how to localize SMS, chat and email communication to different markets. Explore how leaders can work with celebrity influencers and/or micro-influencers to engage global shoppers.

Hear directly from influencers about the ins and outs of launching successful conversational commerce and influencer campaigns and how to measure their effectiveness.


  • NJ Falk, Managing Partner, APL- Athletic Propulsion Labs
  • Liz Kennedy, Founder, Beauty Magnet
  • Nisha Oza, Head of PR & Partnerships, KOS Naturals
12:15 to 12:45PM
Global Innovation Showcase: A Look at Emerging Business Models; Recommerce and NFTs

GELF’s Global Innovation Showcase highlights new digital business models evolving from the convergence of technology advances and global market demand.

Not all innovation is right for every brand, so management teams need to be knowledgeable about the opportunities’ upside potential and risk and the resources required.

Join two CEOs who are breaking new ground with their innovative business models.  Hear why how they help brands connect with today’s global consumers and how they could apply to your business.

KEH is a pioneer within the circular economy and the leading photography recommerce retailer in North America.  They provide deep category expertise in premium photography and videography equipment and are an indispensable resource for Creators. As the demand for visual content explodes, the market for high quality, durable equipment with a strong value proposition and a superior experience for sellers and buyers has been growing rapidly.

ethos NFT is a white label NFT platform on a mission to accelerate the world’s mass adoption of digital assets and NFTs. As such they facilitate rich experiences for both brands and their customers. ethos’ platform allows brands to offer NFTs through a fully branded experience that includes real-world utility. Learn how blockchain innovations enable discounts, air drops, early access or special products when holding an NFT rewards the customer base.


  • Jon Safran, CEO, KEH Photography
  • Matias Marquez, CEO, ethos NFT
12:15 to 12:45PM
Strategic Growth Showcase: Revisiting When, Where and How to Go Global

Many retail ecommerce brands relatively new to international expansion focus on English-speaking markets of Canada, the UK and Australia. Some like Ritual and Bala also prioritize Asia-Pacific markets; whether targeting China first or pursuing opportunities in Japan and South Korea.

After riding the pandemic-driven wave of DTC growth onto new international shores, digital-first brands have been grounded by the economic realities than profitable growth and capital preservation frame the path ahead.

This bottom-line focus requires a more holistic approach to global sales growth – one that includes offline distribution partners and non-owned digital channels as well as owned channels.

Hear how ecommerce leaders are tapping both their digital and international business 101 know-how to help their companies grow via DTC and other international distribution channels.

We explore why some English-first markets are outperforming others. Learn why Canada continues to be the #1 target of US ecommerce brands ­– and what challenges lie ahead north of the border.

Our panelists offer a quick dive into what to do – and what not to do in China – and how you can launch in China without a big budget.  We explore the right mix of offline and online distribution in Asia-Pacific and how social and mobile commerce factor into holistic growth plays.

We look beyond the global economic slowdown and analyze whether  your next big bet should be Mexico, Brazil or the Middle East. We calculate whether the size of the prize still drives market prioritization – or if DTC innovations like live selling and streaming commerce introduce new factors into the post-pandemic growth equation.

We also discuss how our panelists select the right third-party partners and offer advice on collaborating to successfully “customize” solutions for different opportunities.


  • June Van Heel, Head of Global Sales and Operations, Bala
  • Joy Chua-Schwartz, VP, Strategy & Business Affairs at Ritual, Ritual
  • Ahmed Naiem, Chief Commercial Officer, ESW
12:45 to 2PM
Lunch and Networking
2 to 2.30PM
Beyond the Boom: The Road Ahead for Global Ecommerce Leaders

Reflecting on key themes from GELF’s morning program, we open the afternoon by examining the road ahead for retail ecommerce leaders.

After the pandemic boom, ecommerce growth has moderated – and in some cases, dipped – as economic headwinds and uncertainty lie ahead. Yet international ecommerce growth continues to outpace domestic growth in many markets – and online sales growth in some segments remains strong. Cross-border ecommerce growth has long benefited from the global tastes and shopping preferences of higher-income, expatriate, and aspirational shoppers.  And even in challenging economic times, higher-end customer segments have generally continued supporting their favorite global brands.

How has the size the international ecommerce prize changed since the GELF community last gathered in February at GELF LA ’20? Where have the geographic priorities of global ecommerce leaders shifted? When and where should you place your next big bet?

We debate how the global ecommerce community will weather the economic headwinds ahead.  We discuss why today’s mantra of profitable global ecommerce expansion suggests that a more holistic approach to international retail ecommerce expansion requires a “DTC Plus” strategy that includes physical retail and social connections as well as cross-border ecommerce and international marketplace selling.


  • Kent Allen, Co-founder of GELF 
  • Jim Okamura, Co-founder of GELF 
  • Benjamin Cohen COO & Co-founder, Glopal


2.30 to 3PM
Afternoon Keynote: A Truly Classic Global Ecommerce Success Story

Join us for a classic global ecommerce success story that is a perfect fit for today’s business environment. Ben Yahalom, President at True Classic shares an inspiring story about how his team bootstrapped an underserved market opportunity, disrupted a commodity category and built a fast-growing and profitable DTC brand.

Three success drivers have fueled their growth: product category expansion, globalization and meeting customers where they shop. True Classic now sells activewear, hats, chinos and more to shoppers in 190 markets via online & social channels (w/more on the way).

Although international is now driving 30+% of their growth, Ben explains how True Classic remains early in their cross-border ecommerce journey and believes that they still have a lot to learn.

Hear more about what’s driven their success and what lies ahead as they dive into deep localization, test and optimize global logistics and bend the ROAS rules to acquire customers – all while moving fast and learning from fails.

Learn how young brands can take advantage of strategy, technology and moxie to quickly build a fast-growing AND profitable international ecommerce business even when facing today’s economic headwinds.


  • Ben Yahalom, President, True Classic


3 to 3:30PM
Scaling Customer Engagement Globally: An Operations Perspective

Engaging international consumers as they navigate your site’s product catalog, load their cart and checkout is only half the battle. Making sure that you win the loyalty of cross-border shoppers requires inventory-aware innovations so that products are delivered on-time and on-cost.

As our morning keynote panel highlighted, scaling global retail ecommerce sales profitably takes end-to-end global DTC operations and marketplace partners – as well as an integrated digital shopping experience that increasingly includes international wholesale distribution partners, independent merchants and franchisees.

Our afternoon Power Panel brings our operational perspective to the table. We explore how global ecommerce leaders are scaling upstream and downstream operations to improve the cross-border and in-country customer experience. Hear why third-party channel and distribution partners are playing an increasingly strategic role as retail brands revisit inventory & fulfillment strategies to get products closer to the international shoppers.

We explore the lasting impacts of the pandemic on global sourcing, distribution, and transportation and examine whether in-sourcing will last. Hear how global leaders are optimizing operations at scale with the international shopper at the center of the conversation.


  • Kunal Thakkar, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Thrasio
  • Danny Martin, Sr. Director, Nutrabolt
  • Patrick Frith Global Trade, Avalara
3:30 to 4PM
Global Channels Showcase: International Marketplaces

GELF’s afternoon “power hour” continues with a look at scaling global sales via non-owned channels.  GNC’s Garrett Sacks shares his experiences working with franchise partners and third-party digital platforms in APAC and LATAM.  Hear how GNC leverages its brand and proprietary products when selling through international marketplaces.

Brian Beck is the author of Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce, Co-founder of Master B2B Ecommerce – a knowledge exchange community of B2B Ecommerce companies – Enceiba, which helps manufacturers and brands sell through Amazon’s global marketplaces

Garrett and Brian will share their perspectives about selling on Amazon, Rakuten, Lazada and other marketplaces outside of the US.  We explore why controlling the brand voice and protecting the brand promise are critical when working with international partners and marketplace platforms as we examine strategies and best practices.

Learn more about how marketplace selling can help global brands control market expansion costs and scale international retail ecommerce sales with less risk.


  • Garrett Sacks, Director of International Ecommerce, GNC
  • Brian Beck, Managing Partner Enceiba & Co-founder, Master B2B Ecommerce
4 to 4:30PM
Global Strategy Showcase: Lessons Learned from Beauty, Health & Wellness Leaders

Southern California is the cradle of global innovation for the beauty, health, and wellness industries. Beauty and cosmetics thrived during the pandemic and closed the gap on fashion and apparel; long the leading product category in cross-border sales. So perhaps it’s no surprise that many DTC brands in the beauty and wellness sector have launched in recent years.

What can other retailers and DTC brands learn from the recent growth of the category’s international ecommerce sales? What are we learning today as beauty, health and wellness trends face the same economic headwinds as other product categories?

GELF’s Global Strategy Showcase features three experienced retail ecommerce leaders from the cosmetics world as we conclude the GELF LA ’23 program.  We explore how the push for profitable retail growth and the new preferences and behaviors of post-pandemic consumer are re-shaping opportunities for leaders in all sectors to expand their ecommerce growth internationally.

Picking up on themes discussed throughout the day’s program, our panelists provide insights and answers about whether now is the time to invest in cross-border growth, where the key opportunities lie and whether international expansion plans need to adjust to the times.

Hear perspectives on building a digital-first team and what your priorities should be when recruiting talent capable of scaling marketing, operations and fulfillment internationally.

Scaling distribution globally is increasingly essential for DTC brands – established or startup – that want to keep the lights on in 2023 and beyond.  Our panelists share lessons learned from how beauty brands support local partners (spas, salons, etc.) who also wants to sell products online.  We also discuss if now is the right time to make the switch from purely DTC to global omnichannel.


  • Jessica Quick, Co-Founder and Managing Principal at Buzz Beauté
  • Bernice Merlini, SVP, Marketing & Digital, Mane Addicts
  • Denise Dente Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Buzz Beaute


4:30 to 5PM
Executive Peer Meetups/Roundtables@GELF

The GELF community has spoken and we’re listening. Our Executive Meetups roundtables launched in 2020 and GELF’s structured group discussions are back for 2022!

Our community asked us to coordinate opportunities for digital commerce executives to meet others with common interests facing similar challenges.  Based on community feedback we gathered @GELF LA 2022 registration, we’re developing a chance for you to talk shop with other execs whose global ecommerce operations – or aspirations – are at a similar state of maturity.

Each small group discussion will be facilitated by a table leader or two. Stay tuned for our topics!

5 to 6:30PM
GELF Networking Reception

Once the bar opens, you can join an Executive Meetup, wrap up a 1:1 meeting and/or rehash lessons learned from the GELF LA ’23 program.

Meet other global ecommerce leaders while you chow down on sumptuous snacks and visit our sponsors.

Thanks to all of our past LA speakers and to the new speakers joining us at GELF LA '23 on February 22nd!

If you are an experienced executive from an online retailer or brand and are interested in speaking at GELF events, please email Kent, Jim and Scott at speak@globalecommerce.co

Catherine Seaton

Vice President of Marketing, Windsor

NJ Falk

Managing Partner, APL- Athletic Propulsion Labs

Michael Relich

Co-CEO, Pacsun

Theresa Watts

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, True Religion

Alex Root

Senior Vice President & General Manager International, Stance, Inc.

Liz Kennedy

Founder, Beauty Magnet

Joy Chua-Schwartz

VP, Strategy & Business Affairs, Ritual

Garrett Sacks

Senior Manager, International Ecommerce, GNC

Karen Deveny

AVP, Digital Strategy & Operations, Bath & Body Works International

June Van Heel

Head of Global Sales and Operations, Bala

Kunal Thakkar

Chief Supply Chain Officer, Thrasio Holdings, Inc.

Bernice Merlini

SVP, Marketing & Digital, Mane Addicts

Stephanie Hinze

Senior Director International, MANSCAPED

Jon Safran

CEO, KEH Camera

Ben Yahalom

President, True Classic

Caroline Nuckolls

Head of Sales - North America, Bambuser

Michael Mancina

Sr. Director, Ettitude

Nisha Oza

Head of PR & Partnerships, KOS Naturals

David Ghiyam

Co-Founder & President of MaryRuth Organics

Jessica Quick

Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Buzz Beaute

Danny Martin

Sr. Director, Nutrabolt

Denise Dente

Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Buzz Beaute

Matthew Merrilees

CEO, North America, Global-e

Ahmed Naiem

Chief Commercial Officer, ESW

Patrick Frith

Global Trade, Avalara

Benjamin Cohen

COO & Co-founder, Glopal

Matias Marquez

CEO, ethos NFT

Brian Beck

Managing Partner @Enceiba & Co-founder, Master B2B Ecommerce

Kent Allen

Co-Founder, Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum

Jim Okamura

Co-Founder, Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum

Scott Silverman

Co-Founder, Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum

DGA Theater

7920 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046

West Hollywood

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