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On Thursday October 12th, the Global Ecommerce Leaders Forum (GELF) community will be back in New York City live and in-person for another full day of learning, sharing and networking. Join global ecommerce leaders from leading DTC and retail brands for keynotes, breakout sessions, peer/executive discussions/meetups and networking as we return to Convene Midtown West in October!

Registration is now open for GELF NYC ’23 – executives at retailers and DTC brands can register at the event site here – thanks!

GELF LA 2023’s return to the DGA at our normal February time slot was a great success – thanks to the West Coast GELF’ers who joined us! Now we look forward to getting the GELF community back together again on the East Coast in Manhattan!

GELF NYC 2023 will bring together experts and executives from retailers and brands of all shapes and sizes. Top global consumer brands will join digital-natives and digitally-led brands from the fashion and apparel world, health, cosmetics and beauty, consumer electronics and other leading retail verticals for one full day of education, sharing and networking. Digital commerce innovators, cross-border ecommerce experts and global DTC ecommerce thought leaders will debate how today’s push for profitable international expansion frames their global retail ecommerce strategies.

Are you a retail ecommerce leader interested in speaking at GELF NYC 2023 on Thursday, October 12th? If so, please contact the GELF producers by emailing

As always, GELF NYC 2023 is a retailer/DTC brand-only, sponsor-only event. If you are a cross-border solution provider, an ecommerce platform or marketplace operator, software company, agency, data aggregator, logistics provider or other global ecommerce solution or service provider interested in sponsoring and attending GELF NYC ’23, we would love to have you join us as a sponsor. Please contact 

The program theme for GELF NYC 2023 is Scaling Customer Engagement Globally. As always, GELF speakers will deliver an energetic and engaging combination of global ecommerce strategy and international growth tactics and best practices.

You can count on the following topics being part of the October 12th program:

  • Profitable International Ecommerce Expansion. Whether you’re eyeing Asia-Pacific markets that are still rebounding from Zero COVID policies and the global recession or looking closer to home for growth in Canada and Mexico, the GELF community will keep you grounded in the reality that profitable retail ecommerce expansion is the primary focus for today’s global ecommerce leaders.


  • Scaling Growth via Owned and Non-owned Channels. After the pandemic boom, today’s economic headwinds have resulted in a more balanced approach to growing international retail ecommerce sales.  Leaders will discuss how they are right-sizing international expansion strategies to blend direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce with traditional wholesale retail distribution opportunities in markets around the world.


  • Staying Connected to Today’s Cross-Platform Shopper. DTC channels deliver first-party customer data that not isn’t always gathered consistently from international distribution partners and non-owned global ecommerce channels. As shoppers return to stores while maintaining their dependence on ecommerce, a more nuanced approach to understanding the post-pandemic customer journey is emerging. Or is it?


  • Engaging GenZ and NextGen Shoppers. As GenZ shoppers come of age, leaders are finding that they have a different set of values and expectations that may or may not differ markedly from market to market. Hear how consumer journeys have changed (and diverged) and how to engage with consumers that expect value, transparency and a commitment to sustainable operations. Learn what this means for you and your team as you finalize tactics for the 2023 holidays.


  • Understanding and Measuring the Impact of Influencers. Celebrity-driven brands continue to capture the limelight but so too do cause-driven ecommerce ventures. Influencers increasingly come in all sizes and shapes – and it can be challenging to discover the right blend of top-tier, mid-tier and micro-influencers. Find out where – and how – brand and marketing leaders are finding value (and exceeding marketing/sales objectives) working with a wide range of authentic voices and content creators.


  • Where to Make Your Next Big Bet Globally. For a growing number of global ecommerce leaders, profitable international expansion means doubling down on core international markets while building a “slush fund” to finance the next tier of international markets. Where and when should you ramp up online sales next? Should your next big bet be in the Middle East or LATAM?  Will China come roaring back and usher in new DTC opportunities?  Or is the smart money targeting similar customer segments regardless of where they live?


  • What’s New When it Comes to Global Ecommerce Platforms. Looking for a one-stop spot to shop for cross-border ecommerce solution partners? The international ecosystem of cloud commerce solutions, commerce agencies and best-of-breed software providers is changing with the times and never before have leaders depended more on their international partners for growth.  Meet the problem solvers at GELF NYC ’23 this Fall!

Networking starts during breakfast, extends into lunch and keeps accelerating into our late afternoon reception. So raise your hand and get involved as we schedule our One-to-One@GELF NYC ’23 meetings, organize Executive Peer Discussion Meetups, and get retail leaders seated for our Global Ecommerce Leaders Podcasts.

GELF succeeds when the community steps up and helps drive the conversation.  When you register, let us know what topics you’d like us to include in the program, peer discussion groups and networking events.

Bring your experiences and questions. Leave with insights and answers.


Join many of the leaders from the following brands active in the GELF community last year at this year's GELF NYC 23!


Thanks to all the speakers that joined us at GELF NYC '22! In the weeks ahead, we will be adding the new program topics for GELF NYC '23 and updating the agenda from last year that is featured below.

Interested in GELF's past programming – and curious about what lies ahead?

Check out the The GELF YouTube Channel (
@TheGlobalEcommerceLeadersForum) AND listen in to our Global Ecommerce Podcast (

If you are a retail or brand executive interested in sharing your global DTC, cross-border or international ecommerce experience, please contact us at If you're a solution provider interested in sharing your global expertise, please email us at!

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  • Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Executive Leaders Keynote Panel and Morning Keynote Firesides
  • Morning Breakout Sessions with Strategy, Growth & Regional Showcases
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Keynote Firesides, Leadership Showcases and Executive Leaders Panels
  • Afternoon Breakout Sessions w/Cross-border Ecommerce Case Studies & Strategy & Regional Showcases
  • Closing Conversations
  • Closing Networking Reception
8AM to 9AM ET
Registration & Breakfast and Networking
9AM to 9:20AM
Welcome and Opening Remarks

We welcome the GELF community back to Convene Midtown as we begin the GELF NYC ’22 Program and thank our speakers and sponsors!

We will explore how key international ecommerce trends & market data frame the day’s program and examine key drivers of global DTC and  cross-border ecommerce growth.

9:20AM to 10AM
GELF's Executive Leadership Keynote Panel: Navigating a Sustainable Course for Global DTC Growth

Ecommerce sales are regaining equilibrium as the growth tailwinds from the pandemic-driven explosion in DTC global growth subsides. Yet new headwinds face today’s leaders – recessionary forces,  supply chain friction, escalating operational costs, a rapidly transforming labor market, the strong US dollar and growing social-political turmoil.

Our opening keynote speakers share lessons learned from the wild ride since March 2020 as they discuss how they are responding to the latest set of challenges and connecting with global shoppers who have new behaviors and expectations.

We examine key topics that leaders will weigh in on through the GELF NYC ’22 program including:

  • Re-prioritizing global market expansion priorities and plans
  • How leaders are using social programs and sustainable & inclusive practices to connect with the next generation of international shoppers
  • Building “post-pandemic” Global DTC ecommerce teams
  • Re-engaging with international wholesale distribution partners, and

Learn why global ecommerce operations are more strategic than ever and what today’s cross-border shoppers expect from the brands that patronize.


  • Valerie de Charette, VP International, American Eagle Outfitter
  • Jenna Flateman Posner, CDO, SNIPES
  • Jose Nino, Vice President of Global E-Commerce & Digital Strategy, USPA Global Licensing Inc | U.S. Polo Assn.
10AM to 10:30AM
Morning Keynote Fireside: How Beauty Brands Can Drive International DTC Expansion

Beauty Industry Group’s Director of Value Creation, Kevin Runolfson, joins Global-e’s CEO North America, Matthew Merrilees to discuss how multi-portfolio businesses can capitalize on the cross-border ecommerce opportunity as a group while still supporting each of their brands’ unique identity, empowering them to expand their global footprint.

The talk will focus on the importance of staying agile in an ever-fluctuating market. Join us to hear how the ability to react quickly by leveraging data-driven insights allows the group’s brands to set an optimal international pricing strategy for each market, enabling them to accelerate growth and maintain desired profit margins, especially in a time when global markets are experiencing rising inflation and changing consumer sentiment.


  • Kevin Runolfson: Director of Value Creation, Beauty Industry Group
  • Matthew Merrilees:  CEO, North America at Global-e


10:30AM to 11AM
Morning Keynote Panel: Driving Global Ecommerce Growth via an Agile Logistics Ecosystem

The key theme of GELF NYC ’22 is “Getting Closer to the Global Shoppers” – and one of the best ways to win the loyalty of a cross-border shopper is to deliver their order on-time and on-cost.

Yet given the continued disruptions of global supply chains and the new challenges slowing down the international distribution of goods and services, it’s no surprise that global logistics is front-and-center as retail leaders plot their global ecommerce strategies.

This panel discussion explores how leaders are revisiting supply chain assumptions as they explore how to more deftly manage the growing costs of distributing products to international destinations.

We explore why third-party global logistics partners play an increasingly strategic role in today’s agile logistics ecosystem as retail brands explore how to stage products closer to the international shopper.

Learn how retail ecommerce can simplify the complexity and challenges of cross-border order fulfillment by optimizing how products get from manufacturers to consumers more cost-effectively – and with the least amount of operational friction.


  • Brian Bourke, Chief Growth Officer, SEKO Logistics
  • Michelle Frank, GM, Global Ecommerce & DTX, Logitech
11AM to 11:15AM
Morning Break

Grab a quick refreshment, chat with our sponsors and get ready for the morning breakouts!

11:15AM to 11:45AM: Regional Showcase - Canada
How Ecommerce is Thriving in Canada’s “New Normal”

Over the past few years, life as we know it has been upended. Canada’s online shoppers have adapted by embracing new behaviors and values – and these preferences now shape their shopping choices.

Curious about how these dynamics are shaking up customer-brand relationships?  Wondering if they are thrusting DTC retail ecommerce brands into uncharted territory?

In this session, Tracey Quennell, GM of Mid-Market and International at Canada Post, will share insights from a brand-new study that profiles the post-pandemic shopping behaviors and preferences of Canadians.

The research identifies seven distinct segments of Canadian online shoppers. You’ll learn about what motivates online consumers north of the border to buy, as well as how Canadians navigate the online purchase journey and what it will take to earn the loyalty of Canadian shoppers in ecommerce’s “New Normal.”

Then our panel will weigh in on what their teams are seeing in Canada – and how to grow your sales north of the border and earn the loyalty of our best International trading partners.


  • Tracey Quennell, GM of Mid-Market and International, Canada Post
11:15AM to 11:45PM: Global Growth Showcase
A Roadmap for Getting Closer to the Global Shopper

Our Global Growth showcase features several lifestyle fashion brands that are relatively early in their global DTC/cross-border journey yet cater to different international audiences.

Andies offers stylish swimsuits engineered for modern life and balances the seasonal nature of its North American business with a fast-growing ecommerce operation based in Australia. Aerins offers a wide range of luxury products that reflect the lifestyle and elegance of its internationally renowned founder Aerin Lauder.

Our panelists discuss the market dynamics that are driving their international ecommerce expansion plans – and why global growth programs must be aligned with their overall business strategy and local, on-the-ground partners in key markets.

Hear how to balance DTC and international wholesale initiatives in Tier 1 markets (Canada, Australia and the UK) and beyond. Our panelists discuss when and where top-of-the-funnel marketing programs work and how to blend performance-based marketing with social and influencer marketing programs.  We discuss why direct customer support is key to maintaining an engaging, high-end customer experience.

Discover what retail brands that are new to global ecommerce should look for in a cross-border ecommerce solution – and how to navigate the constraints and opportunities of their current tech stack(s). Learn how getting closer to the international shoppers can require rethinking fulfillment and customer care operations.


  • Angela Gruszka , SVP of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce, AERIN
  • Jessica Granata, VP of Growth, Andie Swimwear
11:45AM to 12:15PM: Sustainability Showcase
Identifying and Reducing Friction throughout Global Value Chains

At past GELF events, global retail leaders have discussed reducing friction in and around international checkout. This Fall our panel looks more broadly at identifying and reducing growing points of friction upstream in the supply chain and throughout downstream distribution channels.

Scrutiny about the holistic impact of a brand’s goods and services on the environment is growing as consumers, especially Millennials and GenZ shoppers, demand more data and transparency. A product’s country of origin, labor practices across multiple tiers of suppliers and the use of materials (such as conflict minerals) in product lifecycles are some of the value chain dynamics that can influence purchase behaviors among an increasingly environmentally aware consumer base.

Learn how to identify and overcome key points of friction throughout global supply and demand chains as ecommerce leaders implement more sustainable strategies that align with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies.

Hear how to comply with existing and emerging international trade regulations that increasingly target global DTC practices.

Our panel discusses how to eliminate emerging supply chain and cross-border ecommerce friction that can reduce checkout conversion and negatively impact brand perception.


  • Ranjan Roy, VP Strategy, Adore Me
  • Lynn Power, CEO, Masami
  • Youri Vaisse, COO and Co-founder, Oscar Massin
  • Patrick Frith, Global Trade Executive, Avalara
11:45AM to 12:15PM: DTC Strategy Showcase
Providing Global Consumers Premium Shopping Experiences

DTC brands have exploded on the scene recently because they value and invest in building exceptional ecommerce experiences for shoppers regardless of how – or from where – they shop.

Creating an engaging online shopping experience always starts with understanding the international customer and connecting with the right story. Although demand-side dynamics can drive the initial purchase decisions, the pandemic has underscored the importance of balancing supply side dynamics as well.

In our DTC Strategy Showcase, Nik Sharma and Nita Lathia share actionable insights from their experiences helping DTC brands connect with online consumers as in markets around the world.

Great DTC experiences start with an engaging story.  Nik shares his perspectives on how being hyper-aware of the different cultures and other regional dynamics at play in international markets can dramatically improve your DTC storytelling.

Nike and Nita discuss how to prioritize the operational strategies and tactics required to deliver a premium, end-to-end shopping experience.

  • Hear how leaders juggle the nuances of building a customer-centric, cross-border ecommerce operation and balance the trade-offs between top-of-the-funnel and post-order experiences.
  • Learn how DTC brands can finance inventory and fix a range of supply chain problems.
  • Discover how to avoid “gotchas” when it comes to international checkout and shipping across borders – and
  • Why a post-order experience centered on data transparency is a great way to build loyalty


  • Nik Sharma CEO, Sharma Brands
  • Nita Lathia, Head of Marketplaces, Passport Shipping
12:15PM to 1:45PM (Lunch Workshop 1:15 to 1:40PM)
Lunch and Networking AND Lunch Workshop!

Lunch will be relaxed and delicious as the GELF NYC ’22 conference attendees network with other ecommerce leaders and meet our sponsors!

Please join us at 1:15 for a special lunch workshop about how video can help grow cross-border ecommerce sales – hosted by Douyin Ecommerce!


1:15PM to 1:40PM
Douyin Ecommerce Workshop & Discussion

Curious about how to take advantage of the booming popularity of live video to connect with cross-border shoppers in China?

Throughout the day, GELF speakers will be discussing how global ecommerce leaders see live streaming and short form video as the most promising new DTC ecommerce growth channels.

Join us for a deeper dive into this exciting DTC selling opportunity straight from the source!

  • Hear why Douyin attracts 600 million plus daily active users in China
  • Learn more about how Ocean Engine is becoming the go-to platform that is bringing together Douyin’s apps and technology under one business-facing brand

If you are looking to automate ad campaigns in the China market across popular platforms like Doujin, Toutiao, CSJ and more, don’t miss this workshop!


  • Michael Ouyang, U.S. Team Lead – China Inbound, Douyin Ecommerce
  • Peter McMath, Chief Revenue Officer, WPIC Marketing + Technologies
1:45PM to 2:15PM
Afternoon Keynote: Innovations from Asia - What's Working? What Doesn't Translate Internationally?

The lingering pandemic in Asia – and the especially the recent lockdowns in China– have changed shopping behaviors in the short-term and longer-term. Our afternoon executive leaders keynote panel explores how innovations and trends from Asia help brands sell more effectively inside China, India and Japan and other key international markets including the US.

Deborah Weinswig opens the session by sharing compelling insights from a new study at Coresight Research that explores what’s hype and what’s not from China. Innovations include:

  • O2O integration
  • Social commerce
  • Immersive virtual offerings
  • Virtual Avatars vs Human Influencers
  • Livestreaming

Then our panelists will discuss which innovations “have legs” and what trends don’t necessarily “translate” to other international markets. Join us for an exciting conversation about how live shopping and steaming commerce can offer you new DTC growth opportunities!


  • Deborah Weinswig, Co-founder & CEO, Coresight Research
  • Sophie Abrahamsson, President of Americas, Bambuser
2:15PM to 2:45PM
Afternoon Keynote Fireside: Executing a Successful Global Channel Portfolio Strategy

As brands of all sizes have embraced direct-to-consumer (DTC) selling via a growing portfolio of digital channels, global consumers have benefited from greater selection and more convenient – and engaging – shopping options.

New Balance updates the GELF audience about how their digital team balances DTC and marketplace selling while also working with traditional wholesale partners to optimize ecommerce opportunities.

Hear how New Balance uses innovations from Asian markets to “future proof” digital commerce operations in other key international markets.

ESW shares key insights from its most recent Global Voices research to frame how Millennial & Gen Z shoppers are thinking about digital channels as their respective spending power grows. Find out what it takes to engage this audience and why it matters.

We also revisit GELF’s theme in 2022, Getting Closer to the Global Shopper and discuss why getting the physical product closer to your shopper may be Job #1.  Find out why brands prioritize more flexible inventory allocation and how forward-staging inventory can improve the online shopping experience for cross-border shoppers.


  • Katie Donovan, Senior Manager, Digital Commerce, New Balance
  • Ahmed Naiem, Chief Commercial Officer, ESW



2:45PM to 3:15PM - International Marketing Showcase
Growing International Sales and Capturing More Customers Through Targeted Performance Media

Does the idea of international advertising feel overwhelming? You know some of your most significant market opportunities lie outside of the U.S. Yet with the resources required,  launching an effective strategy can seem like a huge undertaking – but it doesn’t have to be!

Learn how to maximize the visibility of your products in the right global markets and acquire more customers with international and performance marketing experts from Google and Adlucent.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to identify and prioritize your best international market opportunities

  • How to run the most effective performance media to connect with the right global audience for your brand

  • Tips for driving incremental sales and new customers to bolster your international program


  • Kevin Perry, Head of Industry – International Growth Agency Team, Google
  • Ryan Gibson, Vice President – Strategy, Adlucent
3:15 to 3:30PM

Grab a refreshing juice or coffee – or join a One-to-One@GELF meeting!

3:30PM to 4PM: Strategy Showcase
Balancing Global DTC and International Wholesale Distribution Models

As the pandemic-driven surge in DTC ecommerce sales moderates, global ecommerce leaders are re-engaging with traditional international wholesale partners while also developing new digital channel partners in different global regions.

The Citizen Watch Group brands have developed strong global retail sales relationships with wholesale partners that include independent, specialty and department store retailers.

Listen to how Citizen’s digital team collaborates with these partners to increase global sales by standing up their own ecommerce storefronts. Hear how they are syndicating multi-brand storytelling across global markets by providing digital assets and digital marketing best practices.  Learn what is takes to align and localize a brand’s story to specific international markets while projecting and protecting a common brand voice across wholesale partners.

Our panel also profiles the international go-to-market strategies of other brands growing global DTC and cross-border ecommerce sales. We discuss how sometimes a “carrot-and-stick approach” is necessary to encourage reselling partners to embrace digital commerce.

Learn why successful global leaders launching marketing programs internationally think local first as they view ecommerce opportunities through a global lens.


  • Barbara Garces, Chief Digital Officer, Citizen Watch Group
  • Katelyn Glass, Founder & CEO, Fifty Six
  • Juliana Pereira, Board of Advisors, GELF


3:30PM to 4PM: Regional Showcase
Opportunities in Asia: Lessons Learned from Post-Pandemic Consumers in Asia

Innovations from the the Asia-Pacific region continue to flow into markets around the world. As the “headwaters” of digital commerce, APAC often provides insights into the key trends consumers are adopting.

We continue the conversation from the afternoon’s opening keynote panel by exploring recent research data and insights that profile how post-pandemic consumers are shopping in Asia – and what global brands can learn as the use of mobile wallets grow.

Learn how the times are changing in South Korea, Japan and China – and how the rising tides of innovation can help your team connect with online shoppers at home and abroad.


  • Jean Kany, VP, Head of OmniChannel, Citcon
  • Alex Richardson, Managing Director & Advisor, Karter Capital Advisors LLC and Mizzen Capital LLC
4PM to 4:30PM: Global Operations Showcase
Global Operations Showcase: Insights Shared and Lessons Learned

Our final showcase features two brands who call two different continents home.

FRAMA is a luxury home brand based in Copenhagen that has scaled growth across Europe and is ramping up operations to serve the US and North America. EleVen by Venus (Williams) is a fast-growing DTC brand expanding internationally from a strong consumer base in the US.

Hear how both brands seize opportunities and tackle challenges meeting different customer expectations in Europe and North America. Learn how aligning global operations internally and externally can position your brand to thrive at home and abroad.


  • Rachel Blender, Sr. Operations Manager, EleVen by Venus Williams
  • Oscar Can Yilmaz Jantzen, Head of Operations FRAMA Studios
4PM to 4:30PM: Global Omnichannel Showcase
The Shift to Cross-border 2.0 - Learnings from the Biggest Luxury Brands

Global omnichannel represents a huge opportunity for brands selling DTC and via stores. Getting closer to the global customer has compelled many brands to rethink how they can drive total sales in a region, and serve cross-borders shoppers more efficiently. Once thought of as being overly complex, global omnichannel case studies are proving that the time is right for many brands to invest for growth.

Join Patrick Smarzynski, CEO of Glopal and Steve Hawco, Global Head of Pet Digital Business, Boehringer-Ingelheim as they share their extensive experience growing brands internationally.

Patrick will share case studies on the many luxury brands Glopal works with, from LMVH, Dior and Printemps, and how global ecommerce is leveraging other international sales channels to optimize marketing investment and localized inventory.

Steve, a pioneer in B2C and B2B global ecommerce, looks to market dynamics and regulatory environments that drive international priorities and investment. Building marketing programs, operating at scale and internal change management are all keys to digital driving sales at Boehringer-Ingelheim. Steve will also draw from his senior leadership roles at iconic brands like LEGO.


  • Benjamin Cohen, COO & Co-founder, Glopal
  • Steve Hawco, Head of Global Digital Platforms & Portals, Boehringer-Ingelheim
4:30PM to 5PM
GELF Town Hall: A Look Into the Future With Global Ecommerce Leaders

We wrap up GELF with a new “Town Hall” concept where we recap key themes from the day’s conversations and we moderate a town hall discussion about the global DTC path ahead and how to grow your cross-border ecommerce sales.

In this session, co-hosted by Women in Retail Leadership Circle, a panel of global e-commerce leaders will discuss key issues they’re facing as they grow in their careers and companies.

Topics include:

  • How “global mindsets” can help strengthen retail e-commerce organizations
  • How to educate organizations about the importance of respecting and promoting cultural nuances that differ from country to country
  • Managing and growing global e-commerce teams post-pandemic while engaging remote teams, and
  • Integrating in-country wholesale and marketing partners.

You won’t want to miss it.


  • Tamera Ferro, SVP, Global Marketing & Growth, Sol de Janeiro
  • Jessica Granata, VP of Growth, Andie Swimwear
  • Stephanie Rado Taormina, CEO & Founder, Have Some Fun Today
  • Chao Wang, Co-Founder & CEO, Dopple
  • Melissa Campanelli, Co-Founder, Women in Retail Leadership Circle
5PM to 6PM ET
GELF NYC '22 Closing Reception

Grab a cold one, enjoy some delicious appetizers and network throughout the GELF NYC ’22 Closing Reception!


If you are an experienced executive from an online retailer or brand and are interested in speaking at GELF NYC 23 on October 12th, please email Kent, Jim and Scott at

Valerie de Charette

VP – International E-Commerce, American Eagle Outfitters

Katie Donovan

Senior Manager, Digital Commerce, New Balance

Katelyn Glass

Founder & CEO, Fifty Six

Angela Gruszka

SVP of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce, AERIN

Lynn Power

Co-Founder & CEO, MASAMI

Michelle Frank

GM, Global Ecommerce & DTX, Logitech

Jenna Flateman Posner

Chief Digital Officer, SNIPES

Oscar Can Yilmaz Jantzen

Head of Operations FRAMA Studios

Rachel Blender

Senior Operations Manager, Eleven by Venus Williams

Barbara Garces

Chief Digital Officer, Citizen Watch

Jose Nino

Vice President of Global E-Commerce & Digital Strategy, USPA Global Licensing Inc | U.S. Polo Assn.

Chao Wang

Co-Founder & CEO, Dopple

Steve Hawco

Global Head of Pet Digital Business, Boehringer

Deborah Weinswig

CEO, Coresight Research

Jessica Granata

VP of Growth, Andie Swimwear

Youri Vaisse

COO and Co-founder, Oscar Massin

Stephanie Rado Taormina

CEO & Founder, Have Some Fun Today

Kevin Runolfson

Director of Integration, Beauty Industry Group

Juliana Pereira

Board of Advisors, GELF

Ranjan Roy

VP of Strategy, Adore Me

Sophie Abrahamsson

President of Americas, Bambuser

Nic Sharma

CEO, Sharma Brands

Tamera Ferro

SVP Global Marketing & Growth, Sol de Janeiro

Melissa Campanelli

Co-Founder, Women in Retail Leadership Circle

Tracey Quennell

GM of Mid-Market and International, Commercial Sales, Canada Post

Jean Kany

VP, Head of OmniChannel, Citcon

Nita Lathia

Head of Marketplaces, Passport Shipping

Kevin Perry

Head of Industry - International Growth Agency Team, Google

Ahmed Naiem

Chief Commercial Officer, ESW

Ryan Gibson

Vice President - Strategy, Adlucent

Patrick Smarzynski

CEO, Glopal

Matthew Merrilees

CEO, North America, US, ‎Global-e

Patrick Frith

Global Trade Executive, Avalara

Brian Bourke

Chief Growth Officer SEKO Logistics

Michael Ouyang

Douyin U.S. Team Lead - China Inbound, Douyin Ecommerce

Kent Allen

Co-Founder, Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum

Jim Okamura

Co-Founder, Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum

Scott Silverman

Co-Founder, Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum

Convene NYC Midtown West

117 W 46th Street NY, NY 10036

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