Live Video + CHINA = The 2023 Cross-Border Ecommerce Growth Formula

We really enjoyed having Peter McMath, Chief Revenue Officer for WPIC Marketing + Technologies join the GELF community at GELF NYC ’22. A first-time GELF speaker, Peter fit like a comfortable slipper as he hosted a busy lunchtime workshop on Douyin (TikTok in China).

Curious about how to take advantage of the booming popularity of live video to connect with cross-border shoppers in China? Check out the video recap of the Douyin workshop on GELF’s YouTube Channel to learn more about how live streaming and live shopping are redefining the ecommerce landscape in China.

Peter also joined us for our a Global Ecommerce Leaders Podcast where he spoke to learnings from his work with WPIC, an APAC and China market entry and growth agency that has emerged as a trusted partner to help global brands launch wisely and operate cost-effectively in China. 

Inside China, 51% of all sales are now online and the total is even higher for CPG. But nothing stays the same in China. Check out the GELF podcast to hear about how TikTok and Douyin are changing the guard in the China ecommerce ecosystem – and to learn more about the global reach of the next global ecommerce platform.

Curious where are Millennials & GenZs are finding inspiration and searching for products today? They are on TikTok and Douyin where 600 million active daily users use the app for two hours plus every day. And it is not just the kids that are plugged-in any more!

The bottom line is that Content Remains King – and authentic & engaging video content is the audience foundation of tomorrow.  Learn more about how leading brands are working with TikTok and Douyin to collapse the distance between engagement and checkout. And check out Peter’s Two Starts and One Stop!

Want to hear more about how Live Video + China = Cross-border Ecommerce Growth? Register today for GELF LA ’23 on Feb 22nd – get your retailer-only complimentary pass here!

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