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Download GELF’s 2021 Program Sponsorship Info Deck!

Happy Holidays and New Year! Bring on 2021!

On behalf of Jim, Scott and Kent, GELF thanks you for being part of our growing community of global ecommerce leaders and experts in 2020.  The community is at its best when we all learn, share and grow together; thanks again for your support of the GELF community!

We’re really looking forward to 2021 as we reflect on the successes and challenges we all faced together throughout 2020; an extraordinary year of change and growth for global digital retail and cross-border ecommerce.

GELF Accelerate Launches in March 2021!

First up for GELF is our spring summit, GELF Accelerate, which will be held on two Thursdays, March 18th and 25th from 1 to 5PM ET. For those of you that joined us for GELF’s first virtual summit, GELF Oktoberfest (Oct 1st, 8th and 15th), we will have a similar look-and-feel. Check out GELF Oktoberfest sessions on-demand here!

Stay tuned for our new spring/summer sponsorship info deck for GELF 2021 Virtual Events & Programming Sponsorships if you’d like to join us as a sponsor/speaker at GELF Accelerate – and/or email us at!

The 2021 sponsorship info deck also includes information about sponsoring other GELF virtual events including:

Need Help with Your Own Digital/Ecommerce Events?

GELF is programming other global ecommerce events in 2021! If we can help you program virtual events and draw a targeted audience, please email

Thanks for Your Support in 2021!

We head into 2021 with growing optimism and a renewed sense of GELF’s mission to enable global retail brands and solution providers to empower shoppers around the world.

We want to close this post by expressing our gratitude for the time support and resources you have shared with us! We can’t grow the GELF community without the support of our sponsor partners. We are truly grateful and appreciative of your past, present and future support!

Happy Holidays!


Jim, Scott and Kent

Co-Founders of Global Ecommerce Leaders Forum (GELF)

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