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Full-Speed Ahead!

One theme was clear from just about every global ecommerce leader that spoke at GELF Oktoberfest back in October 2020; the pandemic has super-charged the growth of ecommerce. Yesterday’s three-to-five year growth plans are today’s three-to-five month priorities.

As shoppers flood digital channels around the world, global ecommerce leaders are capturing this unprecedented consumer demand by strengthening digital programs ranging from top of the funnel acquisition and engagement to post-order delivery and returns.

Retail ecommerce organizations also need to grow their headcount as quickly as reasonably possible while juggling the need to onboard new ecommerce technology partners while upgrading existing solutions.

GELF Accelerate is all about helping global ecommerce leaders prioritize and execute on the massive digital opportunities created by this accelerated growth. GELF’s mission remains the same as ever; help these leaders share insights and intelligence about how the cross-border ecommerce community is overcoming good-to-have challenges and growing global retail sales.

GELF has fast-tracked the evolution of our own educational and networking programs. For instance, our new DTC Leadership Showcase launched at GELF Oktoberfest with the express purpose of accelerating the exchange of information & ideas about how leaders are growing their teams and redeploying crucial assets in the middle of a pandemic.

GELF Accelerate speakers will deliver a mix of strategic insights and tactical cross-border To Dos about their global retail expansion practices. Learn how to prioritize the key operational aspects of your global commerce plan and how to organize your team to execute them successfully.

Together we’ll explore how to:

  • Anticipate and prepare for disruptions to global supply chains and retail distribution networks
  • Accelerate digital commerce strategies and onboard technologies and solutions can help your team seize new global opportunities and mitigate risks
  • Succeed in today’s multi-platform world by working with leading cross-border ecommerce platforms and global distribution partners
  • Balance incumbent traditional wholesale retail distribution models with emerging direct-to-consumer ecommerce opportunities
  • Re-prioritize which international markets offer the greatest upside as global trade growth resumes

Bring your experiences and questions. Leave with insights and answers.


Planning Ahead? NYC 2021 in Sept is a Go!

Although the GELF community will take a hiatus from GELF LA 2021 this coming February, we’re all looking forward to getting everyone together again to share insights and advice at GELF Accelerate this spring.  We also cannot wait to return to New York City on September 30th for GELF NYC 2021!

In the meantime, we’re launching our first spring virtual GELF summit on Thursday, March 25th – from 1PM to 5PM ET. Join the GELF community as we dive into a series of engaging keynotes, actionable panel discussions and fast-paced workshops and breakouts.

Taking GELF to the Next Dimension!

February’s GELF LA 2020 was by far our biggest and best West Coast Forum yet. The audience increased over 50% –  thanks in part to a growing number of brands selling direct-to-consumer (DTC) that joined us – and a record-setting number of sponsors and partners supporting the cause! We will be back in Los Angeles in February 2022!

GELF Oktoberfest launched our first foray into the virtual world of ecommerce technology summits. The GELF community loved how the virtual aspect allowed us to include voices of global leaders from around the world.

Tom Davis, the head of digital and omnichannel at Cartier zoomed in from Switzerland with a provocative look at the future of retail, Retail is Dead. Long Live Retail! Unmasking Retail’s Future as Global Ecommerce Takes Center Stage. Provocative thought leader Hendrik Laubscher, CEO and Founder of Blue Cape Ventures, was kind enough to join us from South Africa for Grounding the Future of Global Ecommerce in Today’s Realitiesa no holds barred look at key cross-border themes defining the future of cross-border.

We are thrilled to see the GELF community keep growing and really look forward to building on the momentum from GELF LA 2020.

We’re all in a virtual world for the first-half of 2021, so GELF remains committed to reaching out and embracing virtual opportunities to hear from enthusiastic leaders representing leading retail and DTC brands from around the world and the innovators tackling a wide range of challenges.

For now, let’s kick back and learn from the unique perspectives and experiences shared by the global ecommerce leaders who are leading the retail world into its next chapter of growth. Learn more about emerging global opportunities and how cross-border ecommerce best practices will accelerate the retail industry along the path ahead and into its next growth curve.

Interested in being a speaker or sponsor? Please contact and

In the meantime, stay connected with the GELF community by joining us at the Global E-Commerce Tech Talks podcast!

Look Who's Attending GELF Accelerate

Below is a sample of the brands and retailers that attended GELF Oktoberfest, our Fall virtual summit. Stay tuned for the brands attending Accelerate!


GELF Accelerate debuts Thursday. March 25th from 12:30PM to 5PM ET featuring great keynotes, insightful fireside chats and engaging panel discussions.

If you'd like to speak, please email us at (for retail executives) or (for solution/service providers & agencies). Thanks!

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  • 12.30PM ET Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • 12:45PM ET Opening Keynote Fireside: Re-prioritizing Global Market Opportunities
  • 1:15PM ET Executive Leaders Keynote Panel
  • 2PM ET Cross-border Ecommerce Panel
  • 2:45PM ET Global Growth Showcase
  • 3:15PM ET DTC Leadership Showcase
  • 3:30PM ET
  • 4PM ET Cross-border Operations
  • 4:30PM ET Closing Keynote Fireside
  • 5PM ET GELF's Executive Meetups
March 25th: 12.30PM ET to 12:45PM ET
Welcome to GELF Accelerate! GELF's Opening Remarks

GELF’s co-founders welcome our audience and set the virtual stage for our spring  Global Ecommerce Leaders Forum by exploring key global ecommerce trends framing the day’s program.

March 25th: 12:45PM to 1:15PM ET
Opening Keynote Fireside: Re-prioritizing Global Market Opportunities

What are the most attractive international ecommerce markets in the year ahead?

Are global ecommerce leaders still prioritizing Tier 1 & 2 markets like the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Japan and Greater China? Or is now the time to shift investment from Western Europe to Australia, East Asia and SE Asia as they rebound ahead of other international markets?

Is all the buzz about post-pandemic digital opportunities in LATAM just noise – or a sign that LATAM shoppers are finally embracing ecommerce in a meaningful, long-lasting manner? If so, what are the LATAM ecommerce hotspots for 2021?

Or is the Middle East or India where the new bets will pay off? Bring your global market priorities to the table and see where others are placing their bets.

March 25th: 1:15PM to 1:45PM ET
Executive Leaders Keynote Panel: The State of Global Marketplaces

The pandemic-inspired Global Retail Shakeout is well underway as retailers shutter stores around the world and wary (and weary) consumers re-direct spending from hospitality and experiences to retail goods.

It is no surprise that global brands are connecting with international consumers via leading global marketplace platforms like Amazon, Walmart and Alibaba and regional leaders like, Mercado Libre, Allegro, Zalando and Flipkart.

GELF’s state of the union of marketplaces explores how brands should prioritize (or re-prioritize) international markets in order to grow ecommerce sales the fastest.

  • When should brands double down on China – and how?
  • Which Europe marketplaces matter most and why?
  • Should Japan and India be higher priorities?
  • Will Amazon or Mercado Libre win in Mexico? How can you benefit regardless of who wins?

We also analyze the financial impacts of marketplace selling and new metrics that measure the real performance of marketplace selling. Our panel explores how brands can overcome traditional challenges like controlling the brand story, pricing strategies and other global distribution hurdles – especially when they lack the in-house knowledge and resources.

We believe that marketplaces as global distribution platforms are here to stay.  Join our experts to learn how to avoid the marketplace profitability death spiral and spin profitability flywheel faster.

March 25th: 1:45PM to 2PM ET
March 25th: 2PM to 2:45PM ET
Cross-border Ecommerce Case Study

Cross-border e-commerce is exploding, but some e-commerce brands are missing out. Many, especially store-centric retailers, haven’t adapted quickly enough to massive shifts of shoppers online. Others are unfamiliar with the cross-border best practices and tactics that have enabled competitors to respond quickly to recent market disruptions.

GELF’s popular cross-border case study session features a dynamic brand that has gone all-in on cross-border ecommerce.

Stay tuned to hear more about how a leading DTC brand is examining different facets of cross-border growth planning and execution. Learn how online retailers everywhere can execute a winning global strategy.

March 25th: 2:45PM to 3:15PM ET
Global Growth Showcase: Canada

The path ahead is defined first and foremost by taking care of friends, family and neighbors . When it comes to taking care of business, our neighbor to the north remains the top destination for US outbound cross-border ecommerce sales.

Hear from leading voices about how to optimize your Canadian cross-border ecommerce. Our regional showcase explores lessons learned from fulfillment and shipping strategies that paid off during the 2020 holiday sales season.

Join our speakers to learn more about how the Canadian consumers are shopping in 2021 – and what they are looking for from US and global brands selling DTC.

We’ll also re-examine impacts from the USMCA trade pact and how some ecommerce leaders now see Canada as a cost-effective import hub for goods destined to the US and beyond.

March 25th: 3:15PM to 3:30PM ET
March 25th: 3.30 to 4PM ET
DTC Leadership Showcase

GELF’s new DTC Leadership Showcase debuted at Oktoberfest last Fall to an enthusiastic response from the GELF community.

Our leadership showcase is back with the express purpose of accelerating the exchange of information & ideas about how leaders are growing their global teams and redeploying crucial assets in the middle of a pandemic.

Many retail ecommerce teams need more digital resources to optimize the many – and at times competing -opportunities that lie ahead. Nowhere is this more true than with cross-border ecommerce, where today’s windows of opportunity to gain market share around the world won’t remain wide open forever.

Many retail ecommerce leaders must juggle the need to upgrade their existing solution stacks and communications systems to meet new challenges related to onboarding new ecommerce technology partners and deploying new processes and best practices.

Our panelists from organizations large and small will kick off the conversation – and we encourage the GELF community to actively weigh in as we facilitate a town hall discussion about building your global digital presence for the Next New Normal.

March 25th: 4PM to 4:30PM ET
Cross-border Operations: Fighting Friction on All Fronts

Although the global pandemic accelerated the boom in online shopping, other regulatory and operational headwinds continue to create friction on multiple fronts.  All too often the end-to-end cross-border shopping experience bears the brunt of the negative impacts.

Join our panel as we discuss how global ecommerce leaders are juggling regulatory changes (data protection & privacy, Brexit, de minimis changes, etc.), new payment preferences (Buy Now/ Pay Later) and evolving shipping and final mile delivery options to ensure that the cross-border purchasing experience is free from friction and on par with checkout experiences at home.

We debate whether retails’ secret for success has changed from location, location, location to logistics, logistics, logistics. Learn how retail brands are turbo-charging their global DTC and marketplace channels with innovative fulfillment and logistics operations to deliver cross-border shoppers the goods.

March 25th: 4.30PM to 5PM ET
Closing Keynote Fireside: What the Smart Money Tells Us

Global ecommerce leaders toiling on the front lines of the 2020 digital commerce boom need a chance to lift their heads and take a long look at the road ahead. Our final keynote serves that very purpose.

Behind the scenes, investors, analysts and other major market influencers contribute in a very meaningful way to the future of global ecommerce.

We conclude GELF Accelerate by asking these key industry contributors to look ahead and help us understand how and where retail brands need to be investing to stay ahead of the global consumer.

Bring your questions and suggestions and leave with answers and insights.

March 25th: 5PM to 5:30PM
GELF Accelerate Executive Meetup

GELF’s Executive Meetups are small virtual group discussions on Zoom about high priority topics you select.

Learn how to tackle head-on the top cross-border ecommerce pain points creating friction for today’s international sellers.

Sit back and relax at home as we network virtually!

Thanks to the speakers below for joining us at GELF Accelerate on March 25th

If you are an executive at an online retailer or brand selling direct to consumer and would like to share your cross-border and international ecommerce experiences, please email us at! Although GELF speakers are primarily retailers and brand executives, we are able to include select leaders from our sponsor partners in the program as well. If interested in sponsoring GELF Accelerate, please contact

Greg Dalby

VP eCommerce at Fender Musical Instruments Corp

Elizabeth Krause

VP Digital, Speedo and Pentland Brands

Vince Santo

Managing Partner and President, The Maze Group

Crystal Huang

Principal at New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

Chip Malt

CEO, Co-Founder at Made In

Tassie Christopher


Scott Friend

Partner at Bain Capital Ventures

Kellie Swanton

VP International Expansion at Reformation

Matteo Ceurvels

TitleResearch Director, Latin America & Spain, eMarketer

Rob Keve

CEO & Co-Founder, Flow

Gilles Ferrandez

Sales Director, An Post Commerce

Casey Gee

Sr. International Business Manager, MANSCAPED

Rathna Sharad

Founder & CEO @FlavorCloud

Aaron Zagha

CMO, Newton Baby

Kent Allen

Co-Founder, GELF

Jim Okamura

Co-Founder, GELF

Scott Silverman

Co-Founder, GELF

Stay Tuned for Your Virtual Invite!

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