Live from GELF 2022 in NYC: Sophie Abrahamsson, Pres of Americas at Bambuser on “Live DTC”

Live video selling sounds easy to some – and it can be! But for most brands selling direct-to-consumer (DTC), there is more to livestreaming commerce than meets the eye!

Sophie and the Bambuser team joined the GELF community Sept 29th at GELF NYC ’22; demo’ing how brands can connect with international audiences via live commerce.

Join Michael LeBlanc, host of The Global Ecommerce Leaders Podcast as he sits down with Sophie Abrahamsson to discuss why live selling is one of the hot new DTC channels brands are using to engage international shoppers.

Learn more about why you may be more successful with live selling than you expect to be! Hear why retail brands selling high-end luxury goods and more complex products with longer sales cycles can benefit from live selling! Check out the podcast here!


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