Live at GELF NYC ’22 w/Logitech & SEKO: How an Agile Logistics Ecosystem Drives International Growth (Bonus Logitech Podcast too!)

GELF co-founder Jim Okamura hosts Brian Bourke, Chief Growth Officer, SEKO Logistics and Michelle Frank, GM, Global Ecommerce & DTX, Logitech to discuss how leaders are revisiting supply chain assumptions as they explore how to more deftly manage the growing costs of distributing products to international destinations.

Jim, Brian and Michelle explore why third-party global logistics partners play an increasingly strategic role in today’s agile logistics ecosystem as retail brands explore how to stage products closer to the international shopper.

Learn how retail ecommerce can simplify the complexity and challenges of cross-border order fulfillment by optimizing how products get from manufacturers to consumers more cost-effectively – and with the least amount of operational friction.

Check out the full session in on the GELF YouTube Channel – enjoy the session replay here and please subscribe! Thanks Michelle and Brian!

And if you’d like to learn more about one of GELF’s all-time favorites global ecommerce leaders, please join Michael LeBlanc, host of The Global Ecommerce Leaders Podcast as he sits down with Michelle to talk about her 20+ years in the ecommerce industry – and how Logitech empowers its consumer fans to shop anywhere and any way they prefer in markets around the world.

Check out Session 2 of the Global Ecommerce Leaders Podcast here – enjoy! Thanks Michelle

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