Let’s Talk About Building Premium Experiences for International Shoppers

Our latest Global Ecommerce leaders podcast features Nita Lathia, head of Marketplaces at Passport, the modern international shipping carrier purpose-built for cross-border B2C ecommerce. Passport has been building asset-light global solutions for merchants, DTC brands and other long-tail online sellers who are connecting with cross-border shoppers in 200+ countries.

Listen in as Nita draws from her 20+ years of experience in the global logistics space as well as her past decade as a leader in the cross-border ecommerce space. Hear how to engage global shopping by creating seamless pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase experiences … hint, it’s about way more than just tracking international orders folks!

And if you are thinking about creating a return policy for cross-border shoppers, Nita explains why it is a myth that rolling out a policy will create more returns!  Make returns easy and be sure to open a communication channel to understand why the product is coming back.

If you’d like to learn more, see Nita in action at GELF NYC ’22 where she joined Nik Sharma CEO at Sharma Brands to discuss how to build exceptional ecommerce experiences for shoppers regardless of how – or from where – they shop. Check out their fireside conversation at GELF’s YouTube Channel here.

Great DTC experiences start with an engaging story.  Nik shared his perspectives on how being hyper-aware of the different cultures and other regional dynamics at play in international markets can dramatically improve your DTC storytelling. Nike and Nita also discussed how to prioritize the operational strategies and tactics required to deliver a premium, end-to-end cross-border shopping experience.

Ready for more? Join Passport and the GELF community at GELF LA ’23 on February 22nd in West Hollywood – register for free, retailer-only VIP passes at

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