Facing Global Headwinds? Try New Things! Like Video Commerce Transformation ?

Profitable growth – domestically and internationally – was at the forefront of almost every session and conversation at February’s GELF LA ’23.  The Bambuser team tackled the topic head-on by sharing insights and new data (in partnership w/Coresight Research) about how video engagement/commerce strategies can cost-effectively connect brands with shoppers in markets around the world.

Check out the video recap of a great GELF LA ‘23 keynote fireside – Recession Proofing Your E-commerce By Fostering Consumer Loyalty With Video Commerce – featuring Bambuser’s Caroline Nuckolls and Catherine Seaton, Vice President of Marketing at Windsor.

Caroline and Catherine shared how consumer behaviors are changing retail and how retail ecommerce leaders are adapting video transformation to stay relevant, especially when facing economic headwinds.

The presentation and fireside explain how video commerce can be a smart way to maintain profitable operations by rewarding loyal customers, avoiding the costs of reacquiring customers and preventing product returns.

But wait, there’s more! We were pleased to have Caroline and Catherine join us on the Global Ecommerce Leaders Podcastlisten in as Catherine explains why it’s always important to try new things if you want to keep growing!

Curious about Bambuser’s evolution? Caroline shares the backstory. After seeing what was going on in Asia with social commerce and the explosion of live streaming, the live streaming pioneer pivoted to today’s video commerce platform that features interactive, shoppable elements. 

Catherine explains how live shopping creates a new connection with Windsor shoppers that only stores once fostered. The pandemic created the need to rethink how global retail leaders can engage with consumers outside of a physical setting. Hear how her team led the way forward.

Catherine elaborates on how Windsor was very intentional in their commitment to building a video-based customer connection and why – for a host of reasons including functionality, pricing and ease of implementation – they ended up landing with Bambuser as a key partner capable of directly connecting Windsor’s hosts, influencers and clientele.  

But don’t read about – have a listen to one of the best podcast interviews yet from GELF LA ’23. Thanks all!

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