GELF’s Latest Podcast with Lynn Power at MASAMI Haircare

The latest episode in The Global Ecommerce Leaders Podcast features Lynn Power CEO & Co-Founder, MASAMI Haircare, recorded live at GELF 2022 in NYC. Lynn joined our morning breakout Sustainability Showcase: Identifying and Reducing Friction throughout Global Value Chains, where the panelists discussed reducing growing points of friction upstream in the supply chain and throughout downstream distribution channels.

It was a great discussion that explored the holistic impact of a brand’s goods and services on the environment as consumers, especially Millennials and GenZ shoppers, seek more data and transparency from brands they patronize. A product’s country of origin, labor practices across multiple tiers of suppliers and the use of materials (such as conflict minerals) in product lifecycles were some of the value chain dynamics we discussed as well as how these dynamics influence purchase behaviors among an increasingly environmentally aware consumer base.

Check out the podcast here! And for a deeper dive into the Sustainability Showcase, visit GELF’s YouTube Channel @TheGlobalEcommerceLeadersForum where you can enjoy the session video here.

About Lynn

Advertising executive turned entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging creative thinking to build businesses — and ultimately help brands survive and thrive. Strong experience in cultural & business transformation, digital strategy, consumer insights, talent design and marketing modernization. Member of Women’s Forum of NY, CEW, Betaworks.

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