2020 GELF China Ecommerce Study

The 2020 GELF China Ecommerce Study combines qualitative insights from senior ecommerce leaders with on-the-ground quantitative research targeting Chinese consumers from our research partner Sunrise.

This Executive Summary of the 2020 GELF China Ecommerce Study focuses on topline findings from interviews with senior ecommerce leaders based in the US. Download for free here – Exec Summary of 2020 GELF China Ecommerce Research Findings

GELF’s 2020 study revisits findings from our 2017 research on the state of ecommerce in China, “Catching the China Ecommerce Wave” – which you can download here.

Headline Findings: China Driving Digital Innovation

China is the headwaters of the global digital commerce ecosystem. In China, global retail brands must invest in multi-platform ecommerce strategies to connect with shoppers. Increasingly, this trend is true in leading markets around the world.

Interersted in more detail from the study?

Check out the Global E-Commerce Tech Talks podcast which features Part One of an interview by Michael LeBlanc of The Voice of Retail¬†with the study authors’ Kent Allen and Jim Okamura, co-founders of GELF.



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