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Facebook’s Social Connections Driving Global Growth

At GELF NYC ’16 in February, Loot Crate’s Head of Int’l Marketing & Bus Dev Nic Marlin spoke to how he and his firm were working with Facebook to connect with new international customers in Loot Crate’s fast-growing markets in Europe.

Loot Crate is one of Facebook’s bigger advertisers. So Nic outlined how Facebook was filling a gap outside of paid search by helping Loot Crate find and engage new customers via non-branded interactions. The results had been dramatic so far and Nic explained how his company planned to continue charting new territory with Facebook in the months ahead.

When Nic rejoins the GELF community at GELF LA on September 8th, we will be doing a deeper dive into how Loot Crate is working with innovators like Facebook to drive international customer acquisition successes.

As the eMarketer chart points out below, Facebook’s social media ad juggernaut continues to roll across global markets. We’ve discussed at previous GELF sessions on international marketing the need to find appropriate digital media against which to serve ad impressions and other compelling calls to action.

Often the top challenges retail and ecommerce marketing professionals face revolve around the lack of digital media, especially in emerging markets.

Facebook Global Ad Pie

Social media networks like Facebook, Naver (South Korea) and LINE (Japan) are addressing these challenges by increasingly delivering the digital inventory and targeting context that are fueling the growth of firms like Loot Crate.

eMarketer’s analysis of Facebook’s continued rise also underscores the increasingly strategic role that messaging platforms are playing for global brands that are trying to connect with the next generation of borderless global shoppers. This is especially true in Asia.

Facebook Messenger

Wondering how social media, Facebook and messaging platforms like WeChat can help you grow your international ecommerce revenues?  Join us at GELF LA 2016 to explore all these topics and more.

And if you have any specific international marketing experiences and global case studies to share, let us know and we’ll try to include you in the day’s program.  Shoot us a note at


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