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GELF LA ’22 – Getting Closer to the Cross-Border Shopper: Global Logistics Moves to the Head of the Table

For years, GELF Co-founder Jim Okamura has been fond of saying “It’s high time for the global logistics team to have a seat at the strategy table!”

Well, anyone who has been paying attention knows that the pandemic not only ushered global logistics to the retail ecommerce strategy table, but sent the heads of operations and logistics to the head of the table.

GELF LA ’22 kicked off its afternoon program on April 21st with two Heads of International weighing in on the importance of getting closer to global shoppers by physically getting products staged closer to cross-border customers. In fact, global logistics is so crucial to Manscaped’s global expansion plans that these days that Casey Gee is now the former Director of International. Congrats to Casey for being promoted to Head of Global Logistics!

Pablo Diaz Barriga, VP, International, Balsam Brands, joined Casey for an insightful half hour of insights and advice. Casey and Pablo discussed the need to simplify the complexity and challenges of cross-border order fulfillment. 

Check out the video here at GELF’s YouTube Channel to hear how Manscaped and Balsam Brands are re-imagining how products get from manufacturers to consumers more cost-effectively – and with the least amount of operational friction. Hear why re-inventing global logistics is one of the smartest ways to get closer to the post-pandemic global online shopper. Enjoy!

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