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GELF LA 2022 Keynote and Breakout Sessions are Live on GELF’s YouTube Channel!

GELF LA ’22 lives on! Thanks again to all the speakers, sponsors and attendees at GELF LA 2022 – it was great to get the West Coast community again after way too long apart. One of the best ever GELF LA VIP Dinners set the tone; in fact it was so successful that two of the sponsors – ESW and Scalefast – are decided to join forces! Congrats to both teams!

One thing we learned at GELF NYC ’21 was that we cannot let all the great content, programming and thought leadership leave the stage when the GELF speakers take a bow. GELF is committed to investing in video production at our future events so that everyone can join in the fun – and learn a thing or two!

We have just published our GELF LA ’22 keynote and breakout sessions on The GELF YouTube Channel …. if you’re interested in taking a look – and you should be – please check out

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