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Here’s an easy way to measure international demand for your products. Are you seeing bulk orders from specific US zip codes? Download a list of US zip codes and the regions in the world they represent that are frequently used by distributors to forward product to overseas destinations.

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Scott Silverman

A veteran of the online and multichannel retailing, Silverman has been active in the industry since 1999 and is passionate about digital retail and the innovation driving the industry. He is a consultant that works with emerging technology companies where he helps them with marketing, positioning and building relationships with online and digital retailers.

Silverman spent 10 years as Executive Director of During his time at he launched the Annual Summit, the annual Merchandising workshop and a number of research studies. He co-invented “Cyber Monday” in 2005 and was the founder of in 2006, a shopping site that has generated more than $2.5 million for’s scholarship fund.

Silverman also co-founded Ifeelgoods in 2010, a digital rewards technology company, where he served as the VP of Marketing.

Kent Allen

A digital commerce industry analyst for the last twenty years, Kent’s research and thought leadership has strongly influenced the development of the global/cross-border ecommerce sector. Since collaborating with Jim Okamura on the industry’s first international ecommerce benchmark study in 2008, Kent has published a wide collection of reports and articles chronicling the rise of global ecommerce ecosystems.

Kent also leads strategy, industry analysis, thought leadership and content marketing initiatives that focus on omnichannel commerce and digital marketing innovations. His work includes executive research, industry speaking engagements, white papers and case studies, social content, webinars, and retail tours for retail and consumer goods executives.  His latest focus, The Global Customer Journey Project explores how the online shopping journey differs in markets around the world.

The Research Trust’s industry marketing programs help innovative digital companies tell their story and build ongoing relationships with prospects, established clients and partners. Kent’s practice provides a mix of strategic planning services, best practices research and market analysis for global brands and technology partners striving to better serve connected consumers around the world.

Jim Okamura

Jim has over 20 years of consulting experience focused on strategic planning in the retail industry. His work in multi-channel retail and international ecommerce strategies has resulted in industry-leading thinking on retailer best practices and strategic planning.

Jim’s most current publications, Ebeltoft Group’s “Global Cross Channel Retailing” benchmarks cross channel capabilities across 17 countries and 144 market leading retailers. Recent publications include “International Ecommerce Expansion Benchmarking”, a framework for helping retailers think about their goals and objectives in expanding internationally and a publication “Organizing for Cross Channel Retail”, examines organization design for cross-channel retailing among leading retailers. Additional publications include The Multi-channel Retail Report, a groundbreaking study measuring the interaction of stores, online, and catalog channels