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Oh Canada! Great Insights on Shipping to Canada at GELF LA 2022

Canadian shoppers continue to shift their shopping online – accelerated in part by the pandemic and changing consumer purchase behaviors. Many US-based retail ecommerce companies stand to benefit, but there are many dynamics at play.  At GELF LA ’22 in April, one of the best sessions of the afternoon tackled how US retail brands and merchants should approach the significant changes that impact shipping into Canada, including:

A huge shoutout to the team at Passport Shipping for helping us produce this session – and fist bumps to Will Ryan Co-founder / COO at Wolven and Thomas Taggart, Head of Global Trade, Passport Shipping for joining GELF co-founder Jim Okamura on stage at GELF LA ’22 is wade through all of the challenges and profile the opportunities!

Interested in seeing the session on-demand? No worries – check out the session of GELF’s YouTube Channel (and please don’t forget to Subscribe!) right here – https://bit.ly/ShippingToCanadaGELFLA22

Another shout-out to Passport Shipping for Sponsoring a GELF Dinner in NYC on May 18th. Stay tuned for what the global ecommerce leaders in the Big Apple have to say about Serving the Canadian Online Shoppers; we will explore the following:

How has the USMCA impacted your operations serving Canadian shoppers?

Did the new Canadian tax requirements (or others?) create confusion for your team? 

Are you familiar with CARM and its impacts? 

Check out the Shipping the Canada Session folks and stay tuned for more on serving our neighbors to the North!

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