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Time to Get Smart About International Marketing

A key GELF NYC ’16 take-away was the need for help connecting with the rising global middle class.  These borderless online shoppers are the future of global retail.

Chris Attewell, one of our favorite GELF speakers, recently introduced us to his colleague Danielle Birch, Search Laboratory’s new Content Strategist. Chris and Danielle have quite a few international marketing tricks up their sleeves; six of which are included in this helpful article, SIX SMART TOOLS TO KICK START YOUR INTERNATIONAL MARKETING PROGRAM.

marketing tricks sleeve

Clean and easy to use, Google’s Global Market Finder has been a favorite tool of the internationally-ambitious for year, while Google’s Consumer Barometer is a newer addition to the tool belt.

Check them out. What’s really cool is how they build on each other’s respective utility.

Thanks for the heads up Chris and Danielle!

If you GELFers have any more tips, tools or tricks for ramping up customer acquisition and engagement activity at the top of the international sales funnel, please send them our way!

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