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Global Site Builders Take Center Stage

The really exciting action is in the ecommerce SI community today – especially for consumer retail brands that are building digital commerce foundations upon which the future of retail will rest. Sam Corio from Pitney Bowes wrote a great piece on the key role the system integrators are playing as leading retailers and brands go global.

If there a one key take-away from the just-concluded spring commerce tour, it was the key role that system integrators are playing in the digital commerce ecosystem.

As Sam puts its it “merchants are increasingly looking to expand their cross-border ecommerce capabilities to drive bottom-line sales. Specifically, those merchants ask their SIs to help them solve three major challenges:

  1. Achieve robust international shipping capabilities
  2. Offer a seamless buying experience for international customers
  3. Maintain, enhance and integrate their domestic shipping capabilities”

In the months ahead, we will diving more into how the tech-first system integrators of yesterday are quickly evolving into more well-rounded customer build-first agencies – and are increasingly doing so on a global scale.

Who is your favorite SI?

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