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Aeropost Connects with a New Generation of Shoppers

Sometimes the only way to do it right is to start anew.  And rebuild from the ground up. That philosophy is behind the relaunch of the Aeropost brand and the introduction of its cool new logo.

Fredjoseph Goldner, CEO puts it best, “Cross border eCommerce has changed a lot over the years but even today, the websites that sell globally have basically been altered or retrofitted with tools that make it less difficult to buy from the US. We took a new approach and built from the ground up entirely with the international buyer in mind. This means that content, flow, pricing, checkout, delivery and customer service reflect local preferences because they are local.”

Aeropost’s strong reputation as one of the old-school cross-border plays has been well-earned.  During its past thirty years, the team has learned more than a thing or two about getting high-demand goods into the hands of shoppers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Not only do they sell products, they move’em around too.

As a result, the company sits atop a treasure trove of data and actionable insights about trade flows into Latin America, where ecommerce surpassed $40B last year.



As their online marketplace offering matures, look for Aeropost to come on strong as a key player in LATAM ecommerce – one that spans discovery, checkout and delivery/post-sales.

We hinted at Aeropost’s new “Customer-First” approach to localizing the customer experience throughout LATAM at GELF NYC ’16. Look for more on that topic soon.

Until then, check out the full press release.

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