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A Bio-logical Take of the Future of Cross-Border Trade

As we start preparing for The Sept 7th GELF NYC ’17, we’re following up on some areas of interest expressed by the audience on Feb 9th at GELF NYC ’17.

One topic many in the audience asked us to add to the late summer GELF ’17 agenda was the impact on global ecommerce of the new US administration and other nationalistic forces emerging around the world.

Check out this interesting essay on the topic from the smart folks at BCG.

In summary, the authors (Martin Reeves and Johann Harnoss) suggest that “global companies that persist in optimizing the efficiency of a familiar, stable design, ignoring the shifts in the economic, technological, and political environment, risk becoming victims of change.”

They suggest that leaders should therefore embrace new biology-inspired ways to create resilient global organizations.

Interesting take.  What is your opinion?

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