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The “3.0 Digital Trade Era” Dawns as China Ecommerce Grows

Interesting take on the role of China ecommerce growth in the evolution of global trade in this article by

On Monday, economies related to the Belt and Road Vision jointly issued a digital economy international cooperation initiative during the 4th World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province. The Belt and Road digital economy international cooperation initiative involves countries and regions involved in the initiative, such as China, Laos, Serbia, Thailand, and Turkey.

Given our focus on China ecommerce, here is what caught our eye:

“China has experienced a transformation from a follower in the 1.0 phase of global trade, which was totally completed offline, to a walker in the ‘2.0 era’, also known as ‘cross-border e-commerce era’, and finally a forerunner in the ‘3.0 digital trade era’, demonstrating a revolutionary business mode.”

In the weeks since we have released our China Ecommerce Study – available for free download here – we have spoken to the press a good bit about how digital commerce has accelerated the evolution of global trade. China has indeed forged ahead as a leader in global ecommerce trade – and also is helping define the future of all retail.

We also see international marketplaces playing a central role in the 3.0 phase of global ecommerce.  GELF will focus heavily on international marketplaces at GELF LA ’18 on Feb 7th where Charlie Cole, Chief Digital Officer at Tumi/Samsonite will headline our keynotes. Retailers and brands selling direct-to-consumer at scale can apply for a comp VIP ticket here.

Look forward to seeing you guys at GELF LA ’18 on Feb 7th!

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