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The Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum (GELF), the premier community and producer of events dedicated to cross-border and international e-commerce, is partnering with to produce a deep dive into how online retailers and brands are growing digital commerce sales in China.

The program takes place on Monday, September 25, from 8 am to 12 noon, at the LA Convention Center, the site of

Our Morning Executive Program will assist online retailers and global brands selling direct-to-consumer and via marketplaces analyze market entry and retail sales growth models in China and cross-border from the US.

By sharing insights and lessons learned, the GELF and communities will collectively chart a course forward in one of the most engaging and complex e-commerce markets in the world.

GELF LA is intended for senior level executives from retailers and brands interested in growing global sales inside China and enhancing the cross-border e-commerce experience for Chinese shoppers. Space is limited to 120 people. Registration for is required to attend GELF LA @ Register via the registration.


8.00-9:00: Registration and Breakfast

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9:00-9:15 am: E-Commerce in China: Facts, Findings … and Myths

9:15-9:45 Growing Sales on Chinese Marketplaces and via Cross-Border Models:

As digital commerce brands revisit their initial – at times “hands-off” – Chinese ecommerce strategies, their senior executives are becoming more actively engaged. Our panel opens by examining how, why (and why not) leading brands are selling via Chinese marketplaces like Tmall and other large platforms like JD.

We also discuss how leaders are re-investing in cross-border ecommerce and international shipping from their US ecommerce operations while revisiting other first gen operating models in China.

Lastly, we explore how strategies are evolving as they begin exploring opportunities on other Chinese ecommerce platforms as well as investing more in their own localized direct-to-consumer sites/apps.



9:45-10:15 am: Scaling Digital Commerce Success Across Platforms – Inside and Outside China

Cross-border e-commerce is heating up at a rapid pace, and there’s a lot of competition from platforms trying to bring new brands into China. Some platforms and multi-brand sites targeting sophisticated, fast fashion and discount shoppers are all playing growing roles in China’s digital commerce mix.

The major players like, Tmall, and are all focused on gaining both mind share and market share through Digital Marketing. Our panel discusses how retailers and brands selling direct can develop a plan for scaling their digital commerce sales across multiple platforms in China through platforms and by incorporating social media like Wechat – while also growing their cross-border sales outbound from US operations.



10:15-10:30 am: Break

10:30-11:00 am: Innovating for Growth: Lessons Learned from Consumers in China

Consumers in China are providing many Western leaders with a glimpse of the future today.  But translating learnings from the Chinese consumer into innovative growth takes seasoned, in-country partners, especially as competition intensifies.

Few, if any brands, have succeeded by “going it alone” in China. Our experts reflect on when, how & with whom their organizations partner in China.  Learn how to approach market planning and marketing sizing ahead of launching in China.  Our panel will also discuss how partner-centric growth impacts internal dynamics like organizational design and team building.

The panel also explores how partner dynamics can change as their organizations ramp up and scale digital sales. Panelists will discuss the evolving role of Tmall Partners (“TP”s) as well as other commerce platform partners and digital agencies playing key roles in their China Ecommerce strategies.


11:00-11:30 am: Connecting with Chinese Shoppers

Since 2007, the number of online shoppers in China has soared from 46 million to 460 million. As shoppers in China seek out authentic online experiences at home and abroad, we explore how best to connect with domestic Chinese shoppers and those seeking cross-border opportunities.

Building trust with Chinese consumers is key. Our speakers discuss how leaders are working with social media partners, influencers, mobile platforms, search partners and other marketing and merchandising experts to reach these Chinese consumers.

We also touch on how payment and logistics partners can help retailers and brands localize shopping experiences for Chinese consumers shopping at home and cross-border.



11.30 am-12:30 pm: Lunch Roundtables for Networking and Sharing

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