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We’re back in New York for our tenth Global Ecommerce Leaders Forum! GELF NYC ’18 will be Sept 27th and we’re looking forward to having the biggest and best GELF yet.

The Global eCommerce Leaders Forum (GELF) community returns to New York City for our 6th GELF NYC. Building on the momentum from GELF LA ’17, GELF NYC ’18 brings together leaders from online retailers and global brands selling direct-to-consumer.

International ecommerce experts will share insights and best practices as the growing GELF community networks throughout the day. Join us on Thursday September 27th as we explore how digital innovation is disrupting and transforming the retail world.

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GELF speakers will deliver a mix of global ecommerce strategy and tactical cross-border To Dos. Spend the day discussing proven and emerging international ecommerce entry and growth models, learning how customer experience management and deep localization drive international customer acquisition and engagement and how to prioritize the key operational aspects of your global commerce plan.

Together we’ll explore how:

  • Direct to consumer retail brands and branded manufacturers are balancing traditional retail distribution models with emerging direct-to-consumer ecommerce opportunities
  • Ecommerce leaders can use lessons learned from top online retail executives to prioritize and speed up market entry and growth strategies in maturing, emerged and emerging markets
  • Social media and influencer sites provide insights and demand signals that help gloabl ecommerce innovators connect with a fast-growing new generation of cross-border and international online shoppers
  • Top retailers use retail stores/omnichannel partners and international shipping innovations (dropshipping, multi-carrier software, etc.) to refine and deploy global fulfillment operations
  • Brands and leading ecommerce companies are relying on traditional and niche marketplaces and other emerging international ecommerce platforms to acquire new customers
  • Localization, personalization and AI are helping leading global brands engage and retail international shoppers across digital touchpoints
  • A booming global ecosystem of global cloud commerce solutions, international site builders, commerce agencies and systems integrators are leading start-up ecommerce brands and experienced omnichannel retailers into new global markets
  • And much more!

Our morning and afternoon breakouts are back as are GELF’s popular roundtable sessions.  The program offers internationally ambitious ecommerce leaders deep dives into how experts are tackling their top cross-border challenges and helps show you make the case for investing in global retail growth.

Bring your experiences and questions. Leave with insights and answers.

Look Who's Attending GELF NYC

Approximately 300 global e-commerce professionals are expected at GELF NYC '18. Below is a sample of the brands and retailers that are registered so far.


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  • Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Keynote Fireside: Global Ecommerce Evolution
  • Executive Leaders Keynote Panel
  • Global Growth Showcase
  • Morning Break
  • Morning Breakout Sessions: Three Concurrent Tracks
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Keynote Panels
  • Afternoon Break
  • Afternoon Breakout Sessions: Two Concurrent Tracks
  • Tech Talks Global & Roundtables
  • GELF Networking Reception
8 to 9AM
9 to 9:30AM
Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Welcome and Audience and Sponsor Thanks
  • GELF Recap
  • How Key Global Ecommerce Trends Frame the Day’s Program


9:30 to 10AM
Opening Keynote: Dancing with Devils and Angels - The Pros and Cons of Marketplaces as Strategic Global Sales Distribution Partners

Our keynote  opens GELF NYC ’18 by tackling the pros and cons of international marketplaces as strategic global distribution partners.

Blending perspectives from the worlds of luxury and fashion apparel, our keynote will explore why luxury brands continue to shy away from global marketplaces as other ecommerce leaders embrace them as strategic sales and marketing partners.

We’ll explore the tradeoffs regarding the ownership of the customer data and the evolving role of digital in global wholesale and distribution strategies.


  • Tom Davis, International Director of Ecommerce & Digital Services,
10 to 10:30AM
Executive Leaders Keynote Panel: How Digital is Transforming Global Distribution

Reflecting on GELF’s latest research study, leaders from the ecommerce community share & compare global POVs regarding next-gen global sales and distribution models & practices.

Our morning panel of brand execs will explore findings from the 2018 GELF / NRF research study. We discuss how the global growth of ecommerce/ mobile is impacting the incumbent, regional sales and distribution partners of retailers and brands selling internationally.

Hear first-hand from “next gen” distributors and leading retail brands about how expectations are evolving in terms of digital expertise and ecommerce capabilities.

We will examine how global distribution platforms from digital titans and innovative technologies and go-to-market practices from digital native start-ups are disrupting traditional global retail ecosystems.


  • Na’Im Mckee,Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Paid Media, Arrow Electronics
  • Thomas Davis, International Director of Ecommerce & Digital Services, Cartier
  • Marcelo Wesseler,  Group Head, e-Commerce, Luxasia
  • Kevin Donnelly, Head of Global Supply Chain, YETI Coolers
  • Kent Allen, Co-Founder, GELF
10:30 to 11AM
Global Growth Showcase: The Future of Ecommerce in Greater China

China continues to be the #1 topic of interest among global retail brands expanding into new international markets. This September, GELF revisits its China Ecommerce research study Catching the China Ecommerce Wave with additional insights and learnings from leaders within the GELF community.

We look beyond the huge China ecommerce opportunity and focus on lessons learned from initial market entry forays into China and how both brands and retailers are adapting their China ecommerce strategies to the realities of today’s retail environment.

Although Chinese marketplace platforms operated by Alibaba and continue to dominate the market, direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands selling multiple brands can also thrive in the marketplace-centric China market. Regardless of company size or market growth strategy, being an early mover and building a local sales and marketing team in China are key drivers of success in China.


  • Sherry Shi, Head of Greater China, Shopbop | East Dane
  • Daniel Wallace, CEO & Co-Founder, NutraClick
  • Frank Lavin, Chairman & CEO, Export Now
  • Scott Silverman, Co-founder, GELF
11 to 11:15AM
Morning Break
11:15 to 11:45AM
Global Technology Breakout: Maximize Your Cross-Border Revenue While Minimizing Your Risk

Our breakout session tackles the challenges and opportunities in today’s world of global trade.

Optimizing cross-border and international ecommerce operations is Job #1 according to the initial findings from the GELF/ NRF.  This session tackles how retail brands can maximize cross-border revenue while minimizing risk in our ever-changing regulatory and compliance environment.

Learn how to your company can manage the global complexities of selling internationally through various channels while also meeting the international customer shopping expectations.

Curious about how product catalogs can be offered more efficiently on a global scale? Or how you can increase conversion among cross-border shoppers? Find out during our Q and A


  • Kayode Modest, Classifications Manager, FedEx Cross Border
  • Kent Allen, Co-Founder, GELF
11:45 to 12:15PM
Global Technology Breakout: The Dawn of New Retail. What it Means. Why it Matters

GELF’s “Catch the China Ecommerce Wave” study highlighted how executives in the GELF community increasingly see China as the “headwaters of retail innovation.”

Our second global technology breakout looks at how global ecommerce innovation is ushering forth the dawn of New Retail. We open the session by introducing several relevant findings from GELF’s research.

Leaders from China’s technology community join GELF in discussing the trends and omnichannel technologies driving the adoption of integrated New Retail practices.

Drawing on lessons learned in China’s dynamic retail environment, learn how to enhance cross-border and cross-channel shopping experience in both digital and physical environments.


  • Karen Lu, Director, Biz Development
    Alibaba Cloud International
  • Kent Allen, Co-Founder, GELF
11:15 to 11:45AM
Customer Experience/Engagement Breakout: Engaging the Global Shopper

The cross-border shopping experience has improved significantly since GELF’s first forum in 2014.  But there is always room for improvement!

Learn how leading brands are tackling top of the funnel challenges via innovative commerce, content and UX/CEM strategies (and technologies) that engage international online shoppers by localizing and personalizing the cross-border ecommerce experience.


  • Lee Senderov, EVP & GM, Richline Digital
  • Carrie Fischer, Internationalization Manager, Subway
  • Sumantro Das, Director, Product Innovation and Growth Brands, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM
  • Scott Silverman, Co-founder, GELF
11:45 to 12:15PM
Customer Experience/Engagement Breakout #2: Order and Post Order Fulfillment

The customer experience doesn’t stop once a cross-border shopper decides it is time to buy. In fact, the biggest challenges international shoppers face have always centered around understanding the extra fees, tariffs and taxes that they will get hit with once an online order ends up on their doorstep.

The other major cross-border hurdle has been the high cost of international shipping and the long order delivery times.

Spend some time with GELF’s executive panel learning more about how to significantly improve conversion rates by streamlining international checkout practices and by deploying the latest fulfillment strategies and technologies.


  • Bruce Fair, Chief Revenue Officer, MetaPack Group
  • A.J. Hernandez, President & CEO, SkyPostal
  • Anthony Khedaywi, CEO, Indestructible Dog and Logistical
  • Matthew Merrilees, Managing Director, North America, Global-e
  • Scott Silverman, Co-founder, GELF
11:15 to 11:45AM
Strategy Fireside: Optimizing Cross-border/International Operations

One of the headline findings from the 2018 GELF / NRF study is that optimizing digital commerce operations to scale global distribution and sales is Job #1.

We open our strategy track with a fireside track featuring emerging leaders in the cross-border ecommerce space.

Our panelists explore how leading retailers and brands are  getting the operational basics right as the rising global middle class shops online in growing numbers.

Regardless of how large your retail organization is – or whether you are relatively new to cross-border ecommerce or already revamping your global retail strategies – this session has insights and take-aways for you and your team.

Getting the basics right typically starts with making sure your cross-border shoppers can pay the way they want prefer.  What isn’t fully appreciated is how the insights gleaned from international payment data can boost conversion and improve the online shopping experience.

As cross-border e-commerce volume grows, the policy makers are taking note – and revising tax regulations accordingly. Learn how navigating tax regulations and complying with dynamics border regulations can also increase conversion rates.

Hear from experts why simply calculating duties & taxes isn’t enough; the trick today lies in both figuring out who owes the taxes and effectively communicating this obligation.


  • Amy Morgan, VP, Product — Global Trade & Cross-Border, Avalara
  • Michelle Vautier, Head of Payments & Risk Product, Patreon
  • Joy Griffith, Sr. Director, Payments and Risk,  Getty Images
  • Lauren Craig, SVP, Sales Operations,
11:45 to 12:15PM
Strategy Workshop: International Digital Media Strategies

Shoppers in China and other fast-growing emerging markets are redefining the future of retail.

What is the best way to connect with these next gen shoppers? What are the right media strategies to reach and engage with the rising global middle class?

Our panel starts by exploring how leaders are connecting with Chinese consumers via WeChat, Baidu and other marketing and messaging platforms. Then we expand the conversation to other key markets where the future of retail is unfolding before our eyes.


  • Na’Im Mckee, Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Paid Media, Arrow Electronics
  • Joel Palix, CEO,
  • Jean Kany, GM/VP of Sales, Citcon
  • Katerina Cai, Chief Customer Officer, Export Now
12:15 to 1:45PM
Lunch and Networking
1:45PM to 2:15PM
The International Customer Journey

We open the afternoon program by taking a world tour of how today’s customer journey crosses borders and devices.

Did you know that by 2021 estimates suggest there will be more smartphones than humans in the world? Clearly, the opportunity for companies to make the most of the mobile shopping experience is huge – and payments plays a vital role.

Worldpay’s research team asked 16,000 smartphone users in 10 countries how they want to pay on their phone for retail, travel, digital content and gaming.

Join this session to find out what are the most important stops along the mobile shopping journey, what make mobile shopper buy more and what would stop them in their tracks.


  • Ian Wisbey, Senior Business Dev Manager/Business Development Director, WorldPay Americas
  • Kent Allen, Co-founder of GELF
2:15PM to 2:45PM
Keynote Panel: Ecommerce’s Evolving Role in Internationalization - Leading Retailers’ POV

Our panel of pureplay and omnichannel retailers will explore key findings from GELF-NRF research on evolving global sales and distribution strategies, and share their own perspective on how they expect digital’s role in global retail sales to change over time.

What are the roles of emerging, innovative digital touchpoints in global markets and how do they compare/contrast with more established ecommerce channels? How are local partnerships changing? What technological innovations are the priority?

Leading digital-native pureplays are leveraging customer data-centric strategies, flexible org structures and an intrinsic willingness to test new international business models / partnerships to build on their early mover advantages.  As they explore evolving digital partner ecosystems in new global markets, some are also looking to add stores and other physical touchpoints to build their brand and engage new and existing customers across channels.

Retailers with physical store networks, including local joint ventures and licensee stores, are using ecommerce and digital revenue channels more prominently than in the past. International store expansion has often lead market entry, with ecommerce development as a “next channel.” The GELF-NRF research findings indicate this store-first mentality is changing, and the use of ecommerce and international marketplaces is changing regional partnerships and distributor relationships.

Panelists will share their experience in developing international channel strategy and executing in key local markets.


  • Mark Batty, Country Director, Germany & Rest of World, Boden
  • Jose Nino, VP of Global Digital Strategy, USPA Global Licensing Inc.
  • Lee Senderov, EVP & GM, Richline Digital
  • Sherry Shi, Head of Greater China, Shopbop | East Dane
  • Jim Okamura, Co-founder, GELF
2:45 to 3:15PM
Strategy Showcase: Boosting Cross-Border Conversion with Next Gen Customer Experience Operations

Sustainable cross-border e-commerce growth almost always requires tackling a complex combination of transactional and operational challenges head-on.

Yet far too often the heavy lifting associated with global e-commerce expansion falls on the shoulders of the cross-border shopper. Not surprisingly, conversion suffers when the cross-border shopping experience fails to meet expectations.

This session explores how prioritizing “customer experience operations” can solve the behind-the-scenes issues that drive down cross-border conversion. Our panel shows how retail brands can take an operations-first approach to solving some of the top “going global” challenges such as fraud detection, payment issues, border delays, high shipping costs and long delivery times.

Solving what we once called “back office” challenges are now a top-line priority – and can make the difference between profitable and unprofitable international growth.


  • Evan Fript, CEO, Paul Evans Shoes
  • Indy Guha, VP, Enterprise Marketing, Signifyd
  • Scott Silverman, Co-founder, GELF
3:15 to 3:30 PM
Afternoon Break
3:30 to 4:00PM
Consumer Insights Breakout: Optimizing Market Growth Strategies in Canada

Canada remains the #1 export market for US retailers and brands.  What is the best way to connect with online shoppers in Canada – and keep them coming back for more?

eShopper research from the Canada Post team provides a unique view into the Canadian ecommerce market and shopper expectations from our neighbors to the North.

Drawing on survey data from 5000 consumers, this panel includes insights into how Canadians interact with US brands, how often, what they buy and why.

We also explore what Canadian shoppers expect when it comes to digital shopping and delivery experiences.

This research data and insights from our panelists can help US brands optimize their Canadian market strategies, create competitive experiences and build a loyal base of Canadian shoppers.


  • Jeff Kessler, Lids
  • Daniel Head, Director, Digital Marketing and CRM, TOMS
  • Danielle Doiron, Director, eCommerce Market Development, Canada Post
3:30 to 4:00PM
GELF Research Breakout: How Digital is Transforming Global Marketing, Sales and Distribution

Complicating matters is the rise of marketplace titans like Amazon and Alibaba and global/digital-first “New Retail” plays threatening to disrupt incumbent go-to-market partners.

We’ll also dive into how global brands and their digital partners navigate growing friction surrounding channel competition, pricing, and customer data ownership as they strive to grow overall sales while also localizing and personalizing communications on a global basis.


  • Guido Campello, CEO & Creative Director, Cosabella
  • Hayne Shumate, SVP, Internet Business, Mouser Electronics
  • Kevin Donnelly, Head of Global Supply Chain, YETI Coolers
  • Kent Allen, Co-Founder, GELF


4 to 4:20PM
GELF Solution Showcase: Where Tech Talks Global

Curious about solving a specific cross-border ecommerce challenge?

GELF’s Solution Showcase returns this September as Global Tech Talks where tech leaders talk about how they are executing global ecommerce expansion strategies.


  • Amy Morgan, VP, Product — Global Trade & Cross-Border, Avalara
  • Daniel Lee, Sr Global Business Development Manager — JD Fashion,
  • Marc Adelman, Director Alliances and Partner Channel, Workarea
4:20 to 4:45PM
GELF Roundtables

Looking for a deeper dive into an international retail/ecommerce topic the GELF program covers during the day?

Join our popular roundtables where the experts provide guidance and share insights.

4:45 to 5:30PM
GELF Networking Reception

Join Leading Global Ecommerce Executives as a GELF NYC '18 Speaker on Sept 27th!

If you are an executive at an online retailer or brand selling direct to consumer and would like to share your cross-border and international ecommerce experiences, please email us at!

Thomas Davis

International Director of Ecommerce & Digital Services, Cartier

Karen Lu

Director, Business Development, Alibaba Cloud

Jose Nino

VP of Global Digital Strategy, USPA Global Licensing Inc.

Sumantro Das

Director, Product Innovation and Growth Brands, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM

Guido Campello

CEO & Creative Director, Cosabella

Sherry Shi

Head of Greater China, Shopbop | East Dane

Mark Batty

Country Director, Germany & Rest of World, Boden

Lee Senderov

EVP & GM, Richline Digital

Evan Fript

CEO, Paul Evans Shoes

Michelle Vautier

Head of Payments & Risk Product, Patreon

Hayne Shumate

SVP, Internet Business, Mouser Electronics

Danielle Doiron

Director, eCommerce Market Development, Canada Post

Carrie Fischer

Internationalization Manager, Subway

Na'Im Mckee

Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Paid Media, Arrow Electronics

Joy Griffith

Sr Director of Global Payments and Risk Management, Getty Images

Marcelo Wesseler

Managing Director, Luxasia Pte. Ltd.

Lauren Craig

SVP, Sales Operations,

Anthony Khedaywi

CEO, Indestructible Dog and Logistical

Kevin Donnelly

Head of Global Supply Chain, YETI Coolers

Joel Palix


Daniel Wallace

CEO & Co-Founder, NutraClick

Amy Morgan

Vice President, Product — Global Trade & Cross-Border, Avalara

Indy Guha

VP, Enterprise Marketing, Signifyd

Daniel Lee

Sr. Global Business Development Manager,

Matthew Merrillees

Managing Director, North America, Global-e

Kayode Modest

Classifications Manager, FedEx Cross Border

Frank Lavin

Chairman & CEO, Export Now

Bruce Fair

CRO, MetaPack

Katerina Cai

Chief Customer Officer, Export Now

A.J. Hernandez

President & CEO, SkyPostal

Jean Kany

VP Sales & Account Management North-America, CITCON

Marc Adelman

Dir Alliance and Partner Channel, Workarea

Ian Wisbey

Business Development Director, WorldPay

Jim Okamura

Co-Founder, GELF

Kent Allen

Co-Founder, GELF

Scott Silverman

Co-Founder, GELF

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