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  • SaaS Commerce Platforms Driving Retail’s Global Transformation

    It’s that magical time of year when the newest Gartner quadrant reminds us that digital commerce is the tip of the spear as the transformation of retail accelerates. What’s different about the Magic Quadrant this year? Some new players are in th...

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  • A Simple Tool For Estimating Global E-Commerce Demand

    An experienced global e-commerce executive from the Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum (GELF) community generously shared a list of zip codes that represent online orders being shipped to international destinations by freight forwarders and distributors...

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  • APAC: One Region. Many Different Worlds

    If you think one strategy for ecommerce expansion into APAC will be successful, get ready to learn some tough lessons. Larry Luk, head of e-commerce for Calvin Klein’s Asia Pacific region joined GELF’s long-time friend Marcelo Wesseler on s...

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  • GELF LA: Global Ecommerce Leaders Share Lessons Learned

    GELF LA ’16 sizzled out of the gate as three global ecommerce leaders looked back, sideways and into the future to share lessons learned from leading top global brands into new markets. When it comes to blazing international trails, fashion and be...

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  • It’s Time We Chat about WeChat

    Several retail executives at GELF LA 2016 (Sept 8th) will be sharing insights about how brands are connecting with online shoppers in Asia via messaging boards. Today we chat with Gabriel Grisham, Head of Growth @NihaoPay about how and why WeChat...

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  • Perry Ellis’ LATAM E-Commerce Journey

    At the Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum (GELF) in February 2016, GELF friend Jose Nino, VP of E-Commerce at Perry Ellis, de...

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    Anthony ID Headshot

    Smarter International Shipping Powering High Velocity Global Ecommerce Growth

    In our Leaders section, the GELF team interviews Anthony Khedaywi, CEO of Indestructible Dog and one of the panelists from GELF LA ’16.  Anthony also participated in the Q3 ’16 GELF Research Study and is quoted in the resulting white paper, Ready to Deliver More Authentic Cross-Border Shopping Experiences? Start with Smarter Internati...

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  • A Bio-logical Take of the Future of Cross-Border Trade

    As we start preparing for The Sept 7th GELF NYC ’17, we’re following up on some areas of interest expressed by the audience on Feb 9th at GELF NYC ’17. One topic many in the audience asked us to add to the late summer GELF ’17...

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  • Glocalization Rising as Globalization Fades to Black

    GELF sees smart market localization driving the growth of global ecommerce. The deep thinkers at Boston Consulting Group seem to agree – and point to the birth of a radical new phase of globalization as proof; one that re-balances geopolitics...

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  • Walled Gardens Work Both Ways

    Interesting New York Times article on challenges Chinese eCommerce and digital brands face as they try to push into markets outside of China. So far, successes (and failures) seem to suggest that China digital firms face a choice: either focus on the...

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  • GELF LA ’16: International Shipping Powering Cross-Border Growth

    Recent GELF research unveiled at GELF LA ’16 confirms that international shipping remains the top cross-border eco...

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