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In May 2019, the Global eCommerce Leaders Forum (GELF) community comes together in Miami to explore LATAM digital retail. Grab your sunglasses and join us in sunny southern Florida in for a deep dive into LATAM ecommerce!

After successfully celebrating our 11th GELF at GELF LA in February 2019, we look forward to kicking off our first LATAM conference.

GELF LATAM brings together leaders from retail brands of all shapes and sizes.  Global manufacturers and consumer brands selling direct-to-consumer will join digital native start-ups and some of the world’s most iconic brands for a full day of education and sharing. GELF LATAM will showcase digital commerce innovators and cross-border ecommerce experts from the fashion and apparel world, health and beauty, consumer electronics and many other product categories.

Are you a retail ecommerce leader interested in speaking at GELF LATAM? If so please contact

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As always, GELF speakers will deliver an energetic and engaging combination of global ecommerce strategy and cross-border tactics and best practices. Spend the day exploring how the latest digital commerce innovation can accelerate your LATAM market entry plans or help you grow sales in LATAM markets where you already have a presence.  Share with other leaders which global growth models work best where – and what new ideas can help you jumpstart your international journey.

Together we’ll explore:

  • Prioritizing Market Entry. Whether you’re pursuing expansion or growth in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia or elsewhere in Latin America, GELF will help you connect with leaders that have been there and done that.
  • Branded Manufacturers Go Global. Direct-to-consumer brands of all shapes and sizes are coming to GELF to learn how to balance traditional B2B retail distribution with emerging direct-to-consumer ecommerce opportunities around the world. LATAM has always been heavy on store-centric retail. Learn how the status quo is changing as digital commerce redefines the partner landscape throughout LATAM.
  • International Marketplaces. We will dive into why and how international marketplaces are driving the future of retail growth! Amazon sets the pace globally and the smart leaders closely follow.  But Amazon isn’t the only game in town, especially in LATAM!  Global brands, merchants and marketplace sellers increasingly see international marketplaces like Linio and Mercado Libre as the hub of global distribution and the place to be to connect with the next generation of online shoppers.
  • Social media and influencer sites are proven ways to acquire and engage consumers around the world. In Miami, we’ll learn how marketers are working with cross-border innovators in hot LATAM markets to connect with global millennials and others in the rising global middle class.
  • Omnichannel Fulfillment on a Global Scale. Cross-border is no longer just about outbound US international shipping. Instead retailers, brands and digital entrepreneurs are using dropshipping and hybrid fulfillment operations that leverage physical retail touchpoints throughout LATAM to service their global consumers. In Miami, we will explore how brands and retailers are using stores and other physical points of presence and delivery partnerships to enhance the post-order experience and offer more customer service options.
  • Localized Customer Experiences. The more global we go, the more local we must become. Learn how localization, personalization and AI are helping leading global brands improve the cross-border shopping experience and engage LATAM shoppers.
  • Evolving Cross-Border Platforms. Looking for a one-stop spot to shop for a cross-border ecommerce solution partner? There is a booming international ecosystem of cloud commerce solutions, commerce agencies and best-of-breed software providers boldly leading global ecommerce brands, experienced omnichannel retailers and start-up commerce ventures into new markets. Meet them at GELF LATAM in May!

GELF combines networking and deeper-dive workshops with our morning & afternoon keynotes and showcase sessions. Our program offers retail professionals strategic insights and actionable take-aways about how ecommerce leaders are tackling their top LATAM market growth challenges and how they are making the case for investing in the next phase of LATAM growth.

Networking starts during breakfast, extends into lunch and wraps up during our late afternoon reception that follows our popular roundtables and mentoring sessions.

Bring your experiences and questions. Leave with insights and answers.

Who Attends GELF LATAM

Thousands of global e-commerce leaders have attended GELF since 2014 including the brands below and many more.


We are pleased to announce the updated program agenda for GELF LATAM in May 2019.

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  • Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Morning Keynote
  • Executive Leaders Keynote Panel
  • LATAM Growth Showcase
  • Morning Break
  • Morning Workshops
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Keynote and Keynote Panel
  • Strategy Showcase Panel
  • Afternoon Break
  • Afternoon Workshops
  • GELF Networking Reception
8 to 9AM
9 to 9:30AM
Welcome and Opening Remarks

The GELF producers welcome our audience and thank our sponsors for collectively making our first GELF regional conference at success!

We will explore how key global ecommerce trends frame the day’s program, recap our recent GELF research and look back on the key industry developments from Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 with a global perspective.


9:30 to 10AM
The GELF LATAM Opening Keynote: Optimizing Across Different LATAM Marketplace Models

Amazon, Alibaba and Walmart get lots of global attention but in LATAM its other marketplaces like Linio and Mercado Libre that are building strategic relationships with a growing number of global brands.

Although some brands continue to avoid working directly with large international marketplaces, other brands increasingly view these partners as valuable global distribution platforms that are driving significant international sales. Others welcome the sales, but remain wary of what’s coming around the corner next.

Our keynote will open the day by discussing the evolving role of international marketplace channels and what to watch out for as opportunities to evolve relationships with leading LATAM marketplaces grow.

10 to 10:30AM
Executive Leaders Ketnote Panel on LATAM Ecommerce Opportunities: Balancing the Opportunities and Risks

Segueing from the opening keynote examining the pros and cons of brands working with LATAM marketplace operators, we examine where the real ecommerce opportunities exist today in LATAM.

Has Brazil finally turned the corner – or will high tariffs and instability continue to slow ecommerce growth?

What about digital opportunities in Mexico where more and more members of the GELF community are seeing surprising growth surges?

How do ecommerce opportunities in Argentina, Peru, Chile and Colombia compare?

Our panelists also discuss how they see digital commerce transforming international retail distribution in LATAM – and how this evolution impacts brands selling direct-to-consumer and via traditional wholesale and retail distribution partners.

10:30 to 11AM
LATAM Growth Showcase

How are different brands and retailers finding ecommerce success in LATAM? Join us for a live GELF LATAM Growth Showcase that profiles how global retail brands blend cross-border ecommerce, international marketplace selling and direct-to- consumer ecommerce to grow LATAM retail sales.

Our panelists range from luxury goods categories to apparel and fast fashion. Learn how they are working with new partners in LATAM and how they are helping existing distribution partners up their ecommerce game as more and more LATAM consumers hit the buy button on their laptops and smart phones.

We will also explore who has ecommerce rights in LATAM markets and who doesn’t; and what to do when there isn’t clarity about who can sell what where.

11 to 11:15AM
Morning Break
11:15 to 11:45AM
Marketing Workshop - Localizing the Digital Experience: Engaging, Acquiring and Retaining LATAM Shoppers

Wondering whether your U.S. site translates effectively in Central and South American countries?

Leaders in our workshop will discuss how to connect with the next generation of LATAM shoppers by exploring how the digital marketing mix differs from country to country.

Learn about how to work effectively with marketplaces and other LATAM partners like banking institutions who have traditionally been valuable marketing partners in Latin America.

Discuss how site localization strategies can boost conversion in different countries and which localized content marketing, social/influencer and search marketing strategies can jumpstart or accelerate your international customer acquisition and retention programs.


11:45 to 12:15PM
Fulfillment Workshop: Delivering the Post-Order Experience Consumers Expect

Gen X, Millennials and older Gen Z shoppers don’t expect to wait weeks and pay high delivery fees to get what they want these days.  Are the expectations of these “flat world shoppers” out of line with the on-the-ground and across-the-border realities of LATAM ecommerce delivery?

Brands selling cross-border or via in-country marketplaces in LATAM are faced with an increasingly urgent need to remove points of friction from the ecommerce shopping experience.  Join our panel to learn how to deliver an equal or better post-order customer experience than ecommerce competitors based in LATAM.

Join us to learn more about:

  • How retail brands are more effectively communicating the total landed cost of an order throughout the shopping experience
  • What it takes behind the scenes to plan and execute all-inclusive cross-border pricing strategies
  • How to lower LATAM shipping costs and help offset the costs of returns
12:15 to 1:45PM
Lunch and Networking
1:45 to 2PM
GELF's Afternoon Kickoff: How Global Expansion Strategies Differ in LATAM

The GELF Strategic Framework identifies three primary models for international ecommerce expansion: cross-border, international marketplace channels and regionalized ecommerce site operations.

How well do these models map to LATAM ecommerce opportunities? What are the hybrid approaches to consider?

Start off the afternoon by exploring GELF’s strategic framework and learn more about what it takes to operate effectively and grow responsibly in LATAM.

2 to 2:30 PM
Afternoon Keynote Panel: How Leading Retail Organizations Plan and Execute Global Ecommerce Strategies

GELF’s recent study with the NRF focused on how organizations are embracing global operating models and executing on international ecommerce strategies by building global playbooks and centers of excellence.

Join our panel as they provide insights and tips about how their organizations plan and implement cross-border and international ecommerce strategies into LATAM markets.

Learn more about

  • How organizational design for international ecommerce growth differs between large global brands and digital native startups
  • When brands should embrace strong centralization or empower local country teams
  • Programs where digital teams take the lead  integrating digital and traditional teams
  • Tips and best practices for getting a global organization on the same page!
2:30 to 3PM
Strategy Showcase: Digital Native Brands Take the Lead

It’s not just branded manufacturers that are working more closely with marketplaces to grow global sales; so too are Digital Native brands.

GELF’s recent research found that in addition to working with (or working around) international marketplace platforms, these nimble, fearless new brands are doubling down on investments in their own global DTC ecommerce operations. Many do not follow traditional go-to-market paths that include working with traditional distribution and wholesale partners

Our panel will discuss how Digital Native brands are taking the lead by prioritizing the customer experience and managing operational data sets and investing in digital, customer-centric innovation.

Learn about the leadership practices of “Fearless” Digital Natives as they pursue LATAM ecommerce opportunities – and how their global-first mentality that can help your entire global distribution ecosystem grow and prosper.

3 to 3:15 PM
Afternoon Break
3:15 to 3:45 PM
GELF's LATAM Global Tech Talks

Our first GELF LATAM workshop introduces two innovators who are making LATAM ecommerce dreams a reality.

Join our GELF LATAM Tech Talk presenters as they discuss why and how investing in the platform and operational aspects of LATAM ecommerce can help retail brands tackle some of their most challenging international ecommerce challenges.

3:45 to 4:15PM
Afternoon Workshop: Cross-border or Localized Country Sites – What Model to Choose When and Why?

This session explores two primary international growth models: Cross-border ecommerce and Localized in-country sites supported by regional operations. It’s no secret that many brands are debating whether to invest in cross-order ecommerce operations or build in-country local sites.

How does this debate change when considering LATAM markets?

How do stores and other physical retail touchpoints factor into the equation?

Our workshop hosts explore how brands facing this decision balance the key consideration factors that are required to optimize LATAM ecommerce and omnichannel sales.  Our panel also compares how the key drivers of growth can differ between organizations – and how decisions about the desired customer experience, inventory positions/staging, merchandise assortments/SKU counts, customer data and the post-order experience all factor into the decision.

4:15 to 4:45PM
Workshop: Omnichannel in LATAM

Can ecommerce growth hurdle the on-the-ground realities in LATAM that physical retailers still own the bulk of retail sales?

This workshop extends the topics from the previous workshop by exploring how to plan for ecommerce strategies that integrate effectively with retail store-based plans.

4:45 to 5:30PM
GELF Networking Reception

Thanks to all the global e-commerce leaders who have shared their expertise, insights and experience at GELF Forums in recent years! Thanks to all the GELF LA 2019 speakers listed below!

If you are an experienced executive from an online retailer or brand and are interested in speaking at GELF LATAM 2019 on May 9th, please email Kent, Jim and Scott at

Charlie Cole

Global Chief eCommerce Officer, Samsonite

Emma Lawson

Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing, Tarte

Kai Li

VP, International, REVOLVE

Jennifer Glover

5.11 Tactical

Na'Im Mckee

Marketing Director, Arrow Electronics

Kelly Spehar

Director, Global eCommerce Marketplaces, Crocs

Mike Hornigold

VP, Global eCommerce, Kids II

Alex Banys

Director, Global eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Specialized Bicycle Components

Kristel de Groot

Co-Founder & CMO, Superfood

Jacob Rokeach

VP, Growth & E-commerce, ANINE BING

Daniel Head

eCommerce Marketing and Operations, TOMS

Lily Varon

Analyst - Digital Business Strategy, Forrester Research

Ben Newson

Sr. Manager, Etail & Distributors, Crocs

John Melchek

SVP Global Ecommerce, Fam Brands (formerly)

Jacob Uhland

Sr. Dir Digital Multi-Channel Development, VF Corp

Aaron Zagha

CMO, Newton Baby

Indy Guha

VP, Enterprise Marketing, Signifyd

Amy Morgan

VP, Product, Global Trade & Cross Border, Avalara

Jordan Bass

Senior Director, eCommerce, FIJI Water

Nic Marlin

VP, E-Commerce, Thoughtfully

Frank Lavin

Chairman & CEO, Export Now

Matthew Merrilees

CEO, North America, US, ‎Global-e

Bruce Fair

Chief Revenue Officer, MetaPack Group

Marwan Forzley

Author, Small Business in a Big World: A Comprehensive Guide to Doing International Business

Eric Rosenthal

Managing Director, Rapyd

A.J. Hernandez

President & CEO at SkyPostal

Kent Allen

Co-Founder, Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum

Jim Okamura

Co-Founder, Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum

Scott Silverman

Co-Founder, Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum

GELF is coming to Miami May 9th!

Stay tuned for our venue annoucement!

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